12th Dec 2016

Why Your Business Needs To Be Online In 2017

Small business owners often make the mistake of thinking that they need to keep their business small in order to keep sustainable results, for many expanding their business seems like it could be over-stretching and could result in more losses than profit. However in this day and age there’s no reason for small businesses to stay small, there’s plenty of reason and opportunity to expand and with the internets popularity containing to increase, it gives your small business the perfect chance to grow. 

As we reach 2017 it’s safe to say that the online and technology world will continue to expand meaning that if your business hasn’t got an online presence it’s likely you’ll be left behind. Not convinced that moving your business online in the next year is important? Here’s why moving online is a great step for your business.  

Professional image 

Having a well designed website means that your business looks more professional. Whilst you might have a great social media presence, which shows your work and allows people to contact you, it’s likely that if potential customers were faced with your businesses Facebook or your competitors website, they’d go for your competitors service.

Your website shows that you have a specific place online for your business, somewhere to welcome them and show off what you have on offer, giving more of a professional view of what you do and also showing to them to you’ve spent the time and money making your business look reliable, professional and worthwhile.  

Keeps Customers Informed 

Your website acts as an online brochure or catalogue, it’s a quick and easy way to give customers information in real time rather than through paper means. With news features, blog and even a live chat option you have a number of great opportunities to keep customers up to date in an easy manner.

Unlike print ads which can very quickly become outdated, your website can provide plenty of current news about your products, your services, upcoming events and even any special promotions your business may be having.  

Increase Your Reach 

A website is a simple way to increase your reach across the country and even the world. As the internet is open 24/7 and with so many people accessing the internet around the world every second, it means that people can access your website from wherever, whenever, increasing your reach.

A website gives you the reach you wouldn’t get anywhere else, with paper advertising or even through TV ads you’ll never reach everyone and whilst you can’t reach out to everyone with a website it’s likely you’ll reach even more than through traditional means. 

Improves Customer Service

By having a website it gives your business the opportunity to improve your customer service, through giving advice on your blogs or news page, through to featuring a FAQ page specifically for customer queries it means that customers have a direct way to get in touch or find out more about your business. 

Having this information available all in one place and time it means that your customers won’t be left confused and frustrated trying to speak with someone or even trying to find a contact number, meaning their questions can be answered much quicker. 

Your website is invaluable, if you’re looking to increase traffic and boost sales then you need to invest in a website for your business. Failing to do so could cause major problems and could have a negative impact on your results. If you’re considering taking your business online in the coming year why not speak to an expert today? We can get you on the right track.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 12th December, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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