23rd Jun 2016

5 High impact ways to make your shipping better

Running a successful store is not always about selling great products and making money, you need to be sure to also give your customers a great experience too. From browsing your website to the checkout process to the delivery of their item, you need to create an enjoyable experience as a whole.

The shipping of an item can often be neglected, many companies believing that the purchase stops at the checkout page. This however isn’t the case, if you really want to give your customers a great all round experience then you need to put some focus on every step, not just the selling.

Even if you’ve got the basics covered there are still a number of ways you can improve your shipping, whether it’s the way in which you ship or the visual elements of your packaging, here’s 5 effective ways in which you can make your shipping even better.  

Provide estimated delivery time

Customers want to know when their parcel is likely to arrive, meaning an estimated delivery date should be included on a customers order. Despite this being something most people would like it’s something that some ecommerce stores are still failing to include in their order process.

Imagine your customer is buying a birthday gift and needs it for a certain day, if she has no indication of whether the gift will arrive in time then it’s likely she won’t buy from your store and will decide to shop elsewhere. 

Next day delivery 

Now more than ever, people are expecting speedy delivery and with more people demanding next day and even same day delivery, it’s important that you include next day delivery in your shipping options.

Offering next day delivery gives your customers the convenience of getting their product just hours after buying it, providing your customers instant gratification as well as avoiding customers complaining about long waiting times.  

Order tracking 

Waiting for a package can be frustrating, not knowing if it’ll be delivered on time, not knowing where the order might be and not knowing if it’ll even arrive at all can be a long experience. However there’s no need to leave your customers hanging.

Depending on who you ship your products with, you can offer order tracking, giving your customers the chance to find if their order has been dispatched, is with the courier or is out for delivery. These real time updates can help ease your customers mind and lets them know exactly what’s happening with their order.  


Whilst it’s easy to simple package your items in a plain envelope or box, it’s not a bad idea to create your own branded packaging, similar to the likes of ASOS or Zara. These companies have their own bespoke package, featuring their logos, their social media handles and details.

Not only will this make your company stand out from others, but it’s another great way in which you can further develop your brand.  

Keep customers informed  

Similar to order tracking, it’s a good plan to keep your customers informed of their delivery status via email or text message. Most people don’t have the time to constantly check a tracking system so letting them know through a simple text or email can be a great way to keep them in the loop. 

When it comes to shipping, there’s always room for improvement and with shipping methods and attitudes of consumers constantly changing, you can always keep developing your shipping and delivery options in order to start delivering not only fantastic products but also a brilliant customer experience.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd June, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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