24th Feb 2017

4 Essential Tips For Increasing Your Ecommerce Performance

Ecommerce is currently on the rise around the world, with millions of people globally heading straight to the internet to find the products they really want. With so much growth going on in the ecommerce world it’s important that ecommerce business owners, as well as ecommerce marketers look to continuously strive to reach new audiences and grow more sales. 

Here’s 5 of the most important tips for increasing your ecommerce performance: 



From email campaigns to website content, personalisation is and will continue to be a hugely important part of the ecommerce experience and your customers journey. meaning it’s important your brand has the capability to provide a highly personalised and targeted experience. By using customer data you can look to reach out to a more segmented audience and appeal to people depending on their interests, browsing history or even previously bought items.

While designing your customer experience around the mass audience is still effective way to generate sales, if you’re looking to give your customers an experience that makes them feel like your main priority, a personalised experience can greatly benefit your business.   

Innovative Delivery Methods

How your business delivers your products to your customers matters! With so many brands offering a variety of delivery methods including click and collect, specified delivery, same day delivery and next day delivery, consumers are becoming expectant that all businesses will cater to their delivery and shipping needs, offering them a service that is convenient to them. Your customers don’t want one type of delivery, these days nobody has time to stay in all day waiting for an item, be sure to offer a number of options to keep your customers satisfied.

Your customers are much likely to buy your products if they know it’ll be delivered at a time that is suitable for their personal needs and by offering a variety of innovate delivery methods you can tailor the shipping experience for your customers.  

Numerous Payment Types 

As well as providing a number of delivery methods, it’s also a good idea to provide your customers with new ways to pay for their items online. With so many forms of payment now available, from credit cards, to debit cards, to Paypal, these days people want to pay for your products in a way that suits them. If you’re only offering one type of payment then it’s possible your customers will look to head elsewhere to a business that is likely to offer much more convenient payment methods. 

With huge brands such as Amazon, Asos and many more offering consumers a variety of options for paying for your services then it’s a good idea to start thinking about providing new options, don’t miss out!   

Go After Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts can be a huge issue for all businesses and sometimes no matter how great your checkout process is, people can just change their mind, but why guess when you can follow this up? It’s often a good idea to follow up your abandoned carts, by sending an email to your potential customers, reminding them that their item is still in their shopping cart and encouraging them to return you can remind your customers who might simply be thinking about your product, to change their minds. 

It’s also a good plan to also ask your customers why they might have left your checkout, the question doesn’t have to be obnoxious, just a simple question at the end of your follow up email, could give you the answer, helping you gain an understanding of what to improve.


While your ecommerce business could be driving all the traffic in the world, it’s always a good idea to strive to keep growing your sales and offering your customers a great experience. With strong content, great items and considering the above tips, all with your customers in mind, you can create the perfect solution for your business, optimising your website, helping your expand your sales and ultimately your business.


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th February, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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