8th Aug 2016

3 ways technology has changed the sports world

In recent times, technology has had a huge impact on almost every aspect of our society. There isn’t an industry out there which hasn’t been affected by technology in some form, from the hotel industry to the fashion world and even sport.

Whilst it might not be instantly obvious, technology has had a vast affect on the sports industry, in the way we watch it, the way we talk about it and even the way we react to it. With this in mind, let’s look at 3 ways in which technology has changed the sports world.  

Buying Tickets 

In the past, buying tickets for anything, including sports events was hassle, often done over the phone it was a long process which left people more frustrated than excited to see a game. Now however, sports fans around the world can buy tickets to events online in a matter of minutes. With new online platforms finding and purchasing tickets has never been easier, making the ticketing process convenient for everyone, enticing more people than ever to attending sporting events and effectively creating more revenue for sports teams and events companies around the world.  

Social media

With the rise of social media platforms sports coverage is now more extensive than ever before. No longer do sports fans have to search through TV channel after TV channel to catch up on sporting events, however with social media, there are more options than ever when trying to get coverage of sports events. Through online streaming, to constant news and updates through Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, there are now a number of opportunities to keep track of a sporting event as and when it’s happening. 


Technology has not only changed the way we view sports but also the way we take part in sports. With devices such as the Fit Bit and multiple apps around the world which monitor exercise it means that we can experience sports and exercise in a whole new way. Before this advance in technology those participating in sports events or general exercise had no way to monitor their experience and no way to work out how many miles, steps, laps etc they might need to do in order to improve.  

This increase in technology has truly revolutionised the way in which the sporting world works, with more focus on the experience of sporting events, it seems that with the increase in technology, we’re likely to have even more people getting involved in sports, be it taking part or watching from the side. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 8th August, 2016
Categories: Programming

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