1st Feb 2017

Effective Tips For Optimising Your Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping is one of the most effective and affordable ways to drive leads and generate sales for your online business. With Google shopping you can connect with customers at the very moment they are searching the web for your products, in a much more visual way than paid ads or text ads. 

While shopping campaigns are often lumped together with traditional paid ads however they are somewhat different, despite both being based on a CPC (cost per click) pricing model, there’s a number of things that make Google Shopping campaigns completely different to adwords, yet equally as effective.  

What Are Google Shopping Campaigns? 

Google shopping ads are essentially product listings that are targeted by products and categories, not keywords. Once advertisers and marketers set a bid on the product, it means that Google can decide which keywords are relevant to the search term and displays whichever it finds the most appropriate at the top of the search results page. 

With an idea of what Google shopping is and how it works, let’s understand how you can make Google shopping ads work for your business. 

Include Negative Keywords 

Unlike adwords you can’t select which keywords your product listing ads show on, you can however include negative keywords in your campaign to indicate where your ads shouldn’t be shown. By adding terms you already know are irrelevant to your product as well as identifying low performing terms you can help your product listings perform much better.  

Focus On Your Top Sellers 

While it should be obvious, you should always aim to focus your Google shopping efforts on your best selling products. By checking your data on tools such as Google analytics you can see which products are selling the best and optimise your product listing ads to help raise awareness of these products even more.  

Allow Reviews and Ratings 

Often under product listing ads you might notice star ratings and reviews are shown. These ratings can be a great way to help your ads stand out from the crowd as well as help you show the quality of your products, encouraging search engine users to view your products to find out more. By allowing reviews on your products and sending a request to Google, you can become eligible for these ratings, optimising your product listing ads. 

Images Are Important

It’s important to remember to make sure each product has a relevant, high quality image that reflects what your product actually is. By using clear images that can help your product stand out from other products listed, not only does your ad look more professional, but it can also play a huge part in helping your ad stand out from the competition. 

With such focus being placed on paid ads and paid shopping ads if you’re looking to drive more sales there’s no reason you shouldn’t be looking to optimise your shopping campaign. With a little planning and organisation your product ads can be working to help you achieve the results you want and get you noticed. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 1st February, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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