4th Jan 2017

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Ecommerce

Ecommerce is one of the most dynamic business sectors, not only has it revolutionised the way in which we shop but it also works hand in hand with the technological world in many elements, from mobile and tablet devices through to virtual reality devices and software. 

With ecommerce likely to evolve even more in coming years, offering a more personal, automated and efficient service to shoppers, it’s not long before we’re likely to see online retailers using artificial intelligence within their online stores and apps. Despite it sounding like something more likely in a film or in the distance future, AI can be a useful tool in creating an optimised experience for your customers, but how? Let’s take a look;  

Personalised Recommendations 

Most online stores offer recommendations to their customers and it’s not uncommon to find    ecommerce websites recommending their best sellers, similar products or even a customers previously viewed items. With artificial intelligence this becomes so much easier, from learning what how your customers behave and learning more about their buying and browsing patterns, your system can gather more information about your customers and provide new options and recommendations. With huge names like Netflix, eBay and Amazon using a number of unique algorithms and artificial intelligence, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be making the most of AI for personal recommendations.    

Flexible Searches 

Searching for products online can be boring, with a lack of context, rigid filters and potentially even issues with understanding keywords, there are many problems that can lead to a unpleasant search experience. However with artificial intelligencer searching can be optimised by comprehensive analysis, keyword recognition and even through voice recognition such as Siri and Amazon Alexa. AI can be the key factor in making your customers shopping and search experience more interactive and can allow your customers to have a virtual assistant within your ecommerce site.  

Enhanced Product Discovery 

Ultimately artificial intelligence helps shoppers dive deeper into your online store in order to find the product or service they really want. With artificial intelligence knowing the customers wants and needs through their previous purchases, your systems can offer more relevant products, up sells and even cross sells to your shoppers. Without AI it wouldn’t be possible for your business to recommend products to your customers or could lead to unrelated items being recommended, which can lead to problems. 

Artificial intelligence helps your business show off the perfect product to your customers, due to it’s awareness of your customers wants and needs, the use of AI can enhance your customers buying experience and ultimately drive your customers to return to your online store, increasing traffic and ultimately boosting sales.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 4th January, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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