22nd Jan 2016

10 main reasons for shopping cart abandonment

1. Shipping costs higher than expected

When customers are buying online, chances are that they’re looking for good deals and free shipping. If a customer finds out they have to pay expensive shipping costs on top of the cost of their purchase they’ll quickly find somewhere else.

2. Saving something for later

It’s possible that some customers will come to your website with no intention of buying, some customers like to look at an item and put it in the basket to come and buy at a later date, perhaps when they’ve been paid or when they actually need the item.

3. Researching costs

Nowadays many people like to do price comparisons online, it’s common for your customers to add something to the shopping cart to see how much the total costs are, before going to another website to compare the prices. 

4. Complicated checkout process

If your checkout process is too complicated it’s highly unlikely that your customers will actually go through with their purchase.  Most customers like to simply add their details and confirm their purchases without being confused by too many boxes and too many questions. Keep it simple, keep your customers. 

5. Unsure of security

If a customer feels like their details aren’t secure they will instantly leave, I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point. Even if your site is secure, if there’s anything that will make the checkout process look the slightest bit insecure then you can say goodbye to your customers.

6. Forced to make an account

Most customers want to simply buy an item from your website and then leave, if you add additional features such as forcing a customer to create an account instead of simply giving them the option to have a guest checkout, then they may be put off and will look elsewhere.  

7. Limited payment options

Only offering a limited amount of payment options at the checkout is never a good idea, these days there are so many ways to pay for things and everyone has different preferences, don’t alienate your customers by only catering to one or two payment choices. 

8. People get distracted

Don’t take this one personally but sometimes other things just crop up and distract your customers from finishing their order. I’m sure we’ve definitely all been in the middle of something and started watching cat videos or reading list articles..

9. Checkout process is too slow

If your checkout is too slow and your website can’t handle the amount of people visiting, it’s undoubtedly going to result in people steering away from your website and towards one that will be much quicker.

10. Estimated delivery too late

Most people buy online because it is seen as quick and easy and they want their product quickly. If it takes weeks for a product to arrive surely it defies the point of buying online? 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 22nd January, 2016
Categories: Ecommerce

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