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Project Overview
Harringtons existing site was outdated and difficult for users to navigate. So they came to us wanting a brand new site that would deliver a smoother user experience.

They wanted their new site in-keeping with the style of their well-established branding and to be more student-focused.

The newly designed website makes the property search and application process a seamless experience for students looking for the perfect Durham-based accommodation. It also integrates their previously paper-based property application form, making the application process easier for both students and the Harringtons team



StuRentsLive Feed

The website has an integrated feed that pulls all properties Harringtons lists on StuRents (a popular student property search website) to the Harringtons site. The website runs a cron job every 15 minutes which scans for new properties and updated details on existing properties. It then feeds this updated information from StuRents through to the Harringtons website.

Student FocusedSearch

Users can search for their ideal property by selecting their ideal number of bedrooms, bathrooms, max rent price (per person, per week) or a combination of all three. Upon using these search options on the home page, or properties page, the user will be shown a number of properties that match their search criteria.

The select boxes only show what is available in regards of bedrooms and bathrooms from the properties available. This ensures that the user will always get at least one property from their search result, avoiding any disappointment and frustration.

Property ViewingOptions

The website allows users to view their property results in two different formats, the first being a list view. The list view allows users to scroll through a list of properties whilst being able to see a featured image, address, number of bedrooms/bathrooms and a price per week, per person for each property.

Alternatively, the user can choose to look on a map view. The map view allows the user to see exactly where all the properties are located in and around Durham. Each property will show a snippet of information at first view (Price per week, per person and the number of bedrooms & bathrooms) but once the user clicks onto the property, they will also be able to see an image and the address.


Online PropertyApplication Form

An important part of Harringtons’ new website was bringing the old paper-style property application process online. Our development integrated the new digital application process into the new site, making it easier for tenants to apply for their perfect property. This makes the property application process more efficient for both the prospective tenants and the Harrington's team.

Harringtons DurhamTestimonial

Overall great experience with Discovery Design. Lydia, Kate and Tom were very helpful and friendly throughout the design process and have created a great user friendly website for us!

Harringtons Durham

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