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Project Overview
BoonCo, a personalised gift company, came to us in need of a brand and website to launch their new business.

When designing the brand for BoonCo, we were given the words “fun, vibrant and playful”, from this we created a brand which encompases these words and stands out with its strong use of complementary colours which are also used to segment the different categories of the ecommerce site. The fonts used work well together and are clear and easy to read. The brand also includes a pattern which is used alongside the logo and a bespoke icon set which is also featured on the website.

Our design team worked with BoonCo to develop their name, logo and identity before creating an easy to use ecommerce website.

BoonCo offer a large amount of products, mainly within six core categories that are pushed throughout the website.



Colour CodedCategories

The idea behind having the six core categories use their own colour theme was introduced to help improve the user experience throughout the website. The idea is that users will be able to recognise the use of the large amount of products by its colour.

This helps keep consistency throughout the website as long as adding an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme.


The majority of the products on the website have personalisation options. Examples of the options available are text edits, uploading images or choosing colours.

It was important to make these options as easy as possible to add and edit to help improve user experience and avoid any frustration when using the website. This was achieved by having a stripped back product page that is straight to the point and well labelled.

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