22nd Apr 2016

Why your customers are leaving your website and how to win them back

You’ve done it, you’ve written your content, polished your images, finalised your layout and you’re generating traffic, it sounds ideal, so why is it that you’re still not converting your customers?

There are a number of reasons your visitors could be leaving your website and they might be a lot more obvious then you would think. 

Your design is outdated 

Your design might be professional but that does’t mean it’ll be modern. It’s possible that your website looks outdated or unprofessional. Unfortunately, people are likely to judge a book by a cover and if your website doesn’t look appealing then it’s likely that they won’t hang around your website long enough to find out what you really have to offer.  

Your content is boring or difficult to read 

If your content is boring or hard to read then this is one major reason why people are likely to leave your website. People want short, snappy and straight to the point text that will tell them exactly what your company does. If your content is complicated or boring then they probably won’t want to read your website and they definitely won’t want to stay on your website to find out more. 

Difficult to navigate 

It’s not just your text that can be complicated, if your website is hard to navigate and finding what you want is too difficult then visitors are going to go elsewhere. A simple, clean and easy to navigate layout is exactly what your customers want, if you’ve too many buttons, too much text and too little conversions then it’s time to think about changing your website


By now you should realise how important it is to have a mobile optimised website, but if not let me explain why. It’s likely that around half of your visitors are coming from a mobile or tablet, this is a huge amount of traffic and if they aren’t getting an optimised, mobile friendly experience then they’re going to go somewhere they will.

Confusing checkout process

Another biggie, but if you’re an ecommerce website and you have a confusing or complicated checkout process then you’re kissing your business goodbye. With people abandoning the checkout process due to confusion and frustration filling out forms online, you need a simple checkout process. Your visitors want a simple checkout process where they can input their details, pay and know their product is on they way, nothing difficult, give them that!

Websites play an important role in any small business, if your website isn’t up to scratch then not only are you losing valuable customers but also your income. Overall you need a professional, modern website that both you and your customers will really love. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 22nd April, 2016
Categories: Web Design

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