18th Jan 2017

Why Your Business Needs To Advertise On Instagram

These days a growing number of people are using Instagram, with a whole new generation of people growing up sharing their photos and videos on the image sharing app. With millions of users per day it’s no surprise that businesses are now starting to harness the power of Instagram and using it to share photos and short videos of their products and services. 

A more recent aspect of Instagram is Instagram ads, something which many bigger brands are investing in in order to drive awareness, increasing sales and growing their audience. There’s no reason smaller businesses shouldn’t be advertising on Instagram, as a proven means for generating new business, it’s likely that more and more small businesses will also begin using Instagram ads in 2017, here’s why.  

People Love Visuals 

According to research, people process visual much faster than text, meaning that as visual learners, we remember and digest visual data much quicker and easier than text content. As a visual focused app, Instagram allows businesses to use images to grab audiences attention right away, increasing engagement from the get go. This is why Instagram ads can be much more effective over Facebook or Twitter ads, which often feature text first over imagery.  

High Engagement Rates 

Instagram is one of the most engaging platforms currently available, with more people using the site, engaging with posts and also spending more time on Instagram. This means that not only are people scrolling through your organic content, but it also means they’re also more likely to scroll past and notice your paid ads.  

Mobile First 

Originally a mobile app, Instagram’s users are coming primarily from mobile and tablet devices. This is important as it means that the majority are likely to view your ads on mobiles and tablets, often browsing their Instagram feeds whilst on the go. Due to the fact Instagram puts mobile first it means that advertising experience has been creating in a way that won’t intrude on mobile users, meaning they won’t have to go out of their way to ignore the ads.  

Is It Worth It? 

With a number of benefits, including high engagement rates, targeted posts and lower costs per click, there’s no doubting that when done correctly advertising on Instagram is worthwhile. With plenty of audience research, eye catching imagery and with a touch of trial and error, there’s no reason your brand shouldn’t consider advertising on Instagram and while paid advertising never guarantees results, with the right plan, Instagram ads can be great for most businesses. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 18th January, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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