10th Aug 2016

Why your business needs an online presence!

Despite the rapid growth of the internet, there are still many businesses out there who feel a  website is unnecessary and a Facebook or Twitter page alone is sufficient for their online presence. 

For many a website may seem like an unneeded cost, especially businesses opting not to sell online and often use more traditional methods to promote their business and increase leads, however this is risky, unsustainable and in todays technology based world can be costly for businesses. 

Your website acts as the home of your business, it’s where your customers can find you, learn more about your company and research your products or services. No longer is your website a luxury, it’s an effective, fundamental tool which your business needs, let’s look at why.  

Helps you connect with new customers 

Most importantly your website is a great way in which you can connect with new audiences who may be unfamiliar with your business. These days people turn to the internet if they have a problem or are looking for something, searching online is easier than ever and if your business isn’t online then people aren’t going to find you. Having an optimised website which shows up for relevant search terms and to relevant audiences gives you a much larger opportunity to get found by new customers than if you were to rely on traditional adverts and word of mouth.  

Builds your credibility 

Not having a modern, up to date website can be one of the quickest ways for your business to lose credibility. If you aren’t showing up in search engines and there’s no proof of your work or services, it can not only make your business look old and out of touch but can also make you and your business look untrustworthy. If there’s no way for customers to talk about how happy they are with your service, then it’s going to look like you aren’t doing a good job, sending potential customers elsewhere.  

Shows off your products and services 

Your website should act as an online brochure, showing up to date information about your business, products and services. With a website you can easily showcase your business to others around the world with no need to pay for printing brochures and flyers. Including an online, portfolio or gallery can truly demonstrate what you and your business can do.  

Is always accessible 

As your website is available all day everyday, to everyone across the world, it gives potential customers the convenience of being able to view your website whenever they want, even after opening hours. This is why your website is so important, these days people have such busy lifestyles that they want to view a website on their own terms, if they can’t find your business outside of opening hours it’s likely they’ll want to go somewhere else. 

An anchor point for your marketing 

Your website can act as a great anchor for your marketing, by including things such as your business details, product information and even your offers and promotions on your website you can encourage customers to purchase your products and find out more about your business. By then using email marketing, pay per click advertising and social media marketing and linking them to your website you can really utilise your website and digital marketing.  

Helps customer service 

By including customer service information, helpful blog articles and even an FAQ page which can answer customer questions and queries it means that customers have a place to look for advice without having to call up or email to find out more, making their lives easier and also meaning you have more time to deal with your business and not answering customer questions.

Even for businesses who class themselves as being primarily offline, a website can be one of the most powerful tools your businesses can utilise and can be the perfect way to boost your sales, increase your reach and ultimately revitalise your business.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th August, 2016
Categories: Web Design Marketing

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