8th Feb 2017

Why The Healthcare Industry Shouldn’t Be Ignoring Social Media Platforms

Social media is a huge deal for a number businesses and industries, including the world of health care. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram there’s a number of great opportunities for health care authorities to promote awareness and encourage engagement using social media platforms. While most patients prefer face to face interaction in order to speak with medical staff and health care providers, there’s no reason why social media can’t play an important role in their health journey. 

There’s several reasons why health care providers should be utilising social media and with so many opportunities and benefits available, let’s look at why social media is the way forward for the healthcare industry.   

Raise Awareness Of Campaigns

When it comes to campaigns, social media can be hugely beneficial, allowing health care providers to create huge awareness of a certain campaign, health cause or issue, to a large audience. Social campaigns made up of images, graphics and even videos can be easily shared through platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and can be a great way to encourage participation from followers and patients, as well as other healthcare professionals.  

Establishes Brand Authority 

The internet has dramatically changed how people search for and view their health information and while many will still head to a GP as their first point of call, there are many out there willing to consult with sources online before speaking to someone face to face. These days it’s not uncommon to engage with online sources such as Twitter, Facebook and even live chats to get help and advice with a health problem. Giving people the option to view trustworthy information can be an effective way to evaluate brand authority and increase trust between medical professionals and patients.  

Builds A Sense Of Community 

Getting involved in social media gives you to chance to get involved with and build up a sense of community, acting as a platform to display the work you do and allowing you to show how much you care for the community around you. Utilising social media platforms can be an effective way to help others get to know all about your organisation and the work you do, showing you’re willing to go the extra mile and keep connected with those around you.  

Humanises The Brand 

When it comes to healthcare organisations, coming off as real, genuine people is important, despite it being a serious industry, you don’t want your brand to come across as cold and clinical. Social media allows you to humanise your brand in a creative and unique way, showing people you not only care about what you do but also have plenty of fun whilst doing it. By showing this more human side of your brand you can encourage more interactions and make users feel more connected to the work you do.  

Make Your Services Known 

One of the simplest reasons health care providers and organisations should be using social media platforms is because it’s an effective way of telling people exactly what you do. While some people might have an idea of the work you carry out, with social media you can clearly list what you do as well as show it off with images and videos, encouraging trust and establishing your brand. 

Despite the healthcare industry being a typically traditional industry there’s no reason organisations shouldn’t start making the most of social media and getting more involved with the digital world. With a innovative attitude, healthcare providers can create and engaging and fun experience for patients and followers, as well as staying professional and compliant.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 8th February, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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