15th Jun 2016

Why the food industry should be utilising social media

For businesses having a social media presence has quickly developed from a possibility to a necessity. Gone are the days of hiring an intern to post a pictures on your Facebook days, you social media needs to be taken seriously, no matter which industry you’re in.

However for certain industries, particularly traditional ones such as the food industry, many are still hesitant about branching out onto social media. What might seem like an un-needed and pointless tool could actually be the perfect way to reach out to new audiences.

Whilst many believe that they can garner customers from their food and word of mouth alone, there are a number of benefits to using social media to drum up business.

Brand exposure and reach

Many food businesses can grow immensely through social media alone, having a place on various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram allow you to reach out to audiences who might not have found you elsewhere. 

Not only does this help you reach new customers but social media also allows you to build your brand and increase brand exposure. Having social media pages along with your website means you secure an online presence, establishing your company as a professional brand and helping others view you as leaders in your industry.  

Show off your products 

Food is going viral. With a number of Instagram accounts, blogs and even youtube accounts dedicated to showing off the visual appeal of food, more commonly know as “food porn” there’s a high demand for aesthetically pleasing images of food so why not utilise it?

Using your Instagram or blog to show off what food you have on offer can be an ideal way to tap into the audience looking for this content. Creating beautiful, creative images of your products can not only attract those looking for the fun of it, but can also be the perfect way to reach out to new audiences. If people like what they see, they’re likely to come and try the real thing.

Become more trustworthy

Being active on social media makes your brand look a lot more trustworthy. Your social media gives your company a voice and a way to communicate with your customers or potential customers before they try your establishment.

Active social media pages can also indicate the idea that you’re ‘open for business’ having updates about what specials you may have or posts about changes to the menu can all be used in showing that you are current and active in your business.

First point of call

It’s becoming more popular to check a restaurants social media page before even looking at their website. Often people will check out a companies Instagram over their website to get an idea of how the food looks and what is available, before they even contemplate checking the menu.

If you don’t have accurate and professional images of what’s available on a smaller website like Instagram or Facebook, people aren’t going to expect your website, and ultimately your business to do much better.

As more social networks appear, it’s vital that your business is ready to reap the benefits, even traditional industries need to grasp social media and understand it fully in order to stay ahead. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 15th June, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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