14th Mar 2016

Why people are using Ad blockers and what it can mean for businesses

Using Ad Blocking applications to blank out online adverts is becoming increasingly popular. With many internet users, especially those in the 16-25 age group using ad blockers to block out adverts on Google, banner ads on websites and adverts before Youtube videos, ad blockers can have a huge impact on both advertisiers and businesses.  

Ad Blocker is a general term used for any kind of software that removes ads from a webpage. For the most part Ad Blocking technology takes form of a browser extension which are more or less effortless to install on internet browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Not only are ad blocking extensions availble on desktop devices but with the increase in people using mobiles devices, it is also becoming more common for people to use Ad Blockers for mobile and tablets as well. 

Ad Blockers are often viewed as ways of improving the web browsing experience for the user. Ads can often, however not always, slow down the loading time of some websites so blocking ads means that pages loads quicker. However it’s not just the loading time that ads can slow down, it’s now not uncommon for their to be ads featured before videos on websites such as Youtube. Whilst there is often the option to skip the advert it can still be annoying if you want to watch something to have to sit through an ad first, this alone is contributing to the increase in people installing ad blocking software. 

To many web users, ads can often be seen as intrusive, although beneficial to businesses, the fact that these online ads are targeted to specific users using analytic tools and cookies can actually be a negative. Many people find it feels like businesses are spying on what they are doing and intruding on their browsing experience, which many don’t like. 

The use of Ad Blocking software has a huge impact on businesses, most importantly it means that businesses now often can’t rely solely on ads alone for exposure. It’s now also a good idea to use social media alongisde online ads to reach out to those who are using Ad Blocking software. Because of the increase in young people using Ad Blockers means that it is also becoming harder to use ads to reach a younger audience which is another great benefit of using social media in your marketing strategy.

Businesses don’t need to pay for ads to get their websites found online, there is also the option to use SEO to get featured on search results pages. Having search engine optimised text on your website or blog, can allow for your website to reach search engines in an organic way, rather than paying to show ads.

Although an increasing trend, you don’t have to allow the popularity of ad blockers cause too much damage to your business or marketing strategy, using other, effective marketing tools can still help you drive traffic and help your business become a success. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th March, 2016
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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