18th Apr 2016

Why it’s time to declutter your ecommerce website pages

Spring is officially here so why not use it as the perfect excuse to declutter your website. You wouldn’t invite guests to your house if it was untidy and the same goes for your online store. You don’t want your visitors coming across your website and finding it too messy or confusing to stay, spring cleaning your website has never been a better idea.

Refresh your images

Images can date your website a lot more than words can, so it’s important that your images are up to date, modern and clean. New photos of your products can make a massive difference when it comes to the appearance of your website and even if you don’t change much else, this can make your website look completely fresh. 


Check your links are working 

Don’t forget to double check your links, not only does featuring broken links on your website effect your Google rankings but having broken links on your website doesn’t look good to your customers either. It’s likely if your customers click on broken links they’ll leave your website and head somewhere else.

Review your SEO content

It’s always a good idea to review your SEO content. Over time keywords can change so if you aren’t updating your content with these relevant keywords it’s likely you’ll be missing out on a range of customers.   

Refresh you promotions 

With a new season comes new promotions and offers, if you’re offering new promotions for Spring it’s important to remember to replace your old promotional content from your website so your content is up to date. 

Review your descriptions 

Along with reviewing your web page content and promotions, it’s also a good idea to review your product descriptions and be sure that they are up to date and the information is all correct. Even if you simply change your phrasing or include a few keywords it can freshen up your content and show customers that you’re active in updating your website.

Keep an eye out for errors 

Overall, decluttering your website gives you the opportunity to find any errors that might be going unnoticed on your website. Just because you haven’t noticed them doesn’t mean your customers won’t have done. Finding these errors before others saves any embarrassment and can reduce your bounce rate. 

Decluttering your website is something it’s important to do periodically to keep your website up to date and whilst it’s fine to do yourself, it can never hurt to have a professional look over your website in order to keep it fresh. Why not see for yourself?  


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 18th April, 2016
Categories: Web Design Ecommerce

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