27th Apr 2017

Why Fitness Brands Should Be Utilising Instagram To Increase Their Following

We might be well into 2017 and while for many the new years resolutions to get fit or eat healthy have probably disappeared, fortunately many fitness and activewear brands are still out there, using their social media to help motivate people towards a healthy lifestyle,  even outside of the gym. 

With around 600 million active monthly users and it’s heavily visual content, it’s not surprising that many fitness brands are looking to Instagram, over Facebook and Twitter to reach out to new and existing audiences. 

But what is it that makes Instagram such a great platform for fitness and activewear brands and how can your fitness brand benefit from using Instagram?  

Builds Your Community 

One of the biggest reasons fitness brands work so well on Instagram is due to the fact that Instagram is the perfect platform for helping build your community and building a following around your brand. By posting images that show off your community, people wearing your products, progress photos and by also using relevant hashtags you can show off what exactly your business has to offer and show that other people are also involved in your company, which can encourage more people to get involved. 

By creating your own original and memorable hashtag for both you and your followers to use within posts, you can help create even more of a community around your brand, encouraging people to take part, as well as helping increase your brands reach to new audiences.  

Motivate Your Audience

As well as using Instagram to build a community it’s also a good idea to use the platform to motive your audience in a number of creative and fun ways. Motivational posts are all over the internet, from individuals looking to make it through the week to fitness brands looking to motivate people into getting ready to achieve their goals. By posting motivational photos and graphics that inspire your audience, you can increase engagement in the form of shares, likes and comments.

You can even motivate your audience using your own message and own motivational quotes that tie into your branding, not only encouraging audiences to get motivated in general but also can encourage them to get motivated through using your products and services.  

Promote Your Lifestyle

Using Instagram can be an effective way for brands to promote a lifestyle rather than a simply promoting a product, something that comes across more authentic than just trying to constantly sell your products to your audience. If people are already following your company on Instagram then it’s likely that they already have an active interest in fitness, health or well being, therefor it’s a good idea to promote this lifestyle to your audience in order to keep them engaged and interested in your content.  

This is one of the biggest appeals of Instagram, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is essentially all about selling your lifestyle and how you live rather than the more realistic parts of life. Sleek, well thought out photos encouraging this lifestyle will always gain more engagement than just product imagery and is something you should look to make the most of. 

Instagram is still one of the best marketing tools out there for those looking to showcase the lifestyle around their brand and with fitness slowly becoming one of the most popular hashtags on the social media platform it makes sense that more fitness and activewear brands should be taking advantage of the opportunities Instagram has to offer!



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th April, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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