19th Dec 2016

Which Channels Are The Most Effective For Social Influencers

Social influencers have been everywhere this year, from bloggers to Youtube content creators, to Instagram stars, there’s a number of platforms out there for influencers to take their place and promote your content. But with platforms quickly blurring into one, looking at you Instagram Stories, what platforms are the most effective and where should influencers and brands, be focusing their attention? 


Instagram has reached new heights in 2016, with millions are users sharing, liking and commenting on hundreds of posts every single day. What was once simply a place to share photos of your Starbucks and your cat has rapidly become the number one place for influencers to share promoted posts and products, especially for those in the fashion and beauty world. 

Due to it’s wide reach and image based content, it’s no surprise that Instagram is used commonly to share influential content in creative and unique ways. With it’s casual nature and the fact so many people scroll through without even consider that they’re being marketed to, it’s a natural and almost organic way for brands to engage with consumers.   


These days there are more people than ever using Snapchat, from it’s small beginnings as a place to share secretive messages and images with friends and family, Snapchat has rapidly become a platform used by celebrities, influencers and brands, to connect with their followers and is now an important platform used for influencer marketing. 

The image and short video sharing app can be an effective tool for influencers who might opt to show off promoted products, through 10 second snippets or through the ‘Snapchat Story’ feature. These short, snappy images and videos can be perfect for showing off your products or brand in an engaging and effective way, that allows people the chance to search for your brand in a bid to find out more.  


One of the biggest and most influential platforms currently available, Youtube seems to be the home of the influencer and the place to consider when thinking about influencer marketing. These days content creators are big and on a platform such as Youtube which offers video topics for a number of topics including fashion, beauty, cars, games and more, there’s plenty of options available for working with relevant creators who can promote your brand and your products in a creative way. 

Despite new restrictions for Youtube influencers by the advertising standard agency, there are still a number of ways you can market to the right audience in an authentic and unique way, by researching your audience, the influencers you want to work with and the type of video content they create you can attract the best audience for you.

Influencer marketing seems likely to grow even more in the upcoming year, but with more people tuning in to how brands are working with influencers, it’s time you did your research. Figuring out which platform works best for your brand and which platform your customers are using, you can work alongside influencers and creators that represent who you are and what you do best. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 19th December, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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