15th Sep 2016

What We Can Learn From Apple From Their Latest Release

Earlier this month Apple revealed it’s newest hardware and software updates from the iPhone 7 to iOS 10 to the now infamous AirPod earphones. With these new updates comes new lessons we can learn, not only about the future of technology and design but also abut the technology industry itself, lessons that can be carried over to a number of different outlets from your website to your marketing and even into your customer service.  

With the release of the newest technology came three important words, essential ones which are continuing to drive the company forward, that many others should be taking notice of in order to achieve results.  


Personalisation has been a huge trend across many platforms over 2016, with the expansion of apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and also with the increase in online stores offering personalised services and offers. Apple spreading the message that personalisation is an important brand of their new software is simply more evidence to back up the fact that personalisation and a personalised experience is here to stay. 

With updates to their messaging apps, call app, photo app and even to Siri Apple are now giving people even more opportunity to personalise their experience, giving new options to iPhone and iPad users so that no one user has the exact same iPhone experience. This level of personalisation is now offered as standard with the newest iOS update and is a simple yet effective way that Apple can bring back, or retarget those who may be bored of the standard user experience they’ve received with older versions of iOS.  


An upcoming trend in web design and app design for the next year appears to be the inclusion of more animation in design, from small micro-interactions to full blow animated headers and background, it’s something we’re starting to see more and more of recently, including in Apples newest releases, most importantly their messaging and photo applications. 

Now iMessages can be sent with animated backgrounds such as balloons and fireworks, messages can feature gifs, large animated messages and even the inclusion of an ‘invisible in’ feature allowing images to stay hidden until it’s revealed by a swipe or a tap. Not only do these animated features allow for personalisation but they also add fun and excitement to the otherwise standard messaging features and ultimately brings something new and fun to their product.  


Combining these animation factors with personalisation allows for one thing, the freedom of expression for users. Apple knows that no single person uses their phone or device in the same way as another, from their individual apps, to their password, right along to the way they use Siri or even the case they use to protect their phone. These new updates allow for users to express themselves in a way they simply haven’t before and is something that should be taken on board by businesses across the globe. 

People are wanting individual experiences be it a personalised email or an entire personalised shopping experience, expressing themselves in their own unique way. As times change and consumers grow their behaviour changes, the once 15 year olds with bright pink hair have grown into adults who want to express themselves in other ways and Apple are giving them this right to do so. 

Whilst there are still a huge amount of things we can learn technologically from the release of the iPhone 7 and iOS 10, it’s important not to forget the small things, the personal things that can be linked to a number of industries and businesses. These factors have been relevant for a number of months and will continue to be important throughout 2017 and will even one of the biggest companies in the world taking them into consideration, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be focusing on personalisation, animation and ultimately expression in order to achieve success.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 15th September, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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