23rd Feb 2017

What Are The Benefits Of Digital Marketing?

With the constant and rapid changes in technology, digital marketing is becoming more important than ever before, with many businesses now reaping the benefits of online and digital marketing. 

For many however, taking the jump from traditional marketing methods such as TV and print can seem scary, with many thinking that traditional marketing works best and viewing digital marketing as an additional stress and ultimately an additional cost. However digital marketing offers a number of advantages that traditional strategies can’t, which is why it’s so important brands seriously consider the importance of digital marketing.   

Advantages Of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is likely to grow even more within the next few years, giving your business the opportunity to evolve your strategy and continue to stay competitive within your field. Here’s 6 of the biggest benefits of digital marketing:  

Real Time Results 

With digital marketing you don’t have to sit around for days and possibly weeks to start promoting your business. Where you might have to wait for print ads to be released or tv spots to be filmed, with digital marketing you can start seeing the results within a matter of hours. From the amount of visitors viewing your site, to how many people are engaging with your social media posts or paid adverts, you can visibly see the numbers in a much more real time.  


As well as offering real time results, digital marketing is much more measurable in general, allowing your business to monitor what’s working or not working in a much easier manner than through radio, tv or print advertising. With tools like Google Analytics and even analytics tools included with social media, ppc and email marketing platforms, measuring the specific goals you’re looking to achieve is much more simple, letting you gain important insights into how your marketing is being viewed.  

Connect With Mobile Users

Having a digital marketing strategy that includes pay per click advertising, email marketing and social media posts and ads, allows you to reach not only desktop users but also those who are using mobile devices to browse the web. Having a marketing strategy that reaches across a number of platforms and devices, means you can connect with mobile users and desktop users, helping you increase how many people to are reaching out to but also showing your business as being mobile and future ready.  

More Exposure 

Your digital marketing campaigns can be seen from around the world, at any hour of the day, compare this to traditional advertising which is often very local and targeted for a smaller audience and it makes much more sense to use digital marketing to increase your reach and exposure. With optimised keywords and knowing who your target audience is you can encourage the perfect audience for your business to check out your marketing and your website, helping you increase your customer base and boost your business. 

Increase Engagement

Digital marketing can be a great way to encourage your customers and followers to engage with your brand and take some kind of action, be it visiting your website, viewing your product or even buying from your business. While the main focus of your marketing should be to increase leads and sales, if your marketing also manages to attribute to people viewing your ads and website, then it’s also a huge benefit. 


The world of digital technology, marketing and social media are likely to continue to impact every day behaviour for a number of years to come, meaning that as a business it’s important you keep adapting in order to stay competitive and keep reaching out to consumers. While traditional media might have worked effectively in previous years with a well planned strategy maybe it’s time to consider digital marketing to increase awareness of your business! 



Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd February, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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