18th Dec 2017

Web Design Trends To Know About in 2018

2017 has seen a number of impressive web design trends come to the forefront, from non-traditional design through to image-based design, there’s plenty of new trends appearing even now as we head into 2018. 

As 2018 comes into view, here’s our predictions of what future trends we’re likely to see in the upcoming year. 

Clean Layouts 

This year has seen a number of designers and developers create clean and minimal websites in order to improve the overall user experience. Gone are the days of image-heavy websites, which are often slow loading and frustrating for not only desktop users but also those browsing on mobile and tablet devices. With mobile coming even more into focus in the upcoming year, it’s expected that these simple websites will continue to appear throughout 2018. 

AI & Machine Learning 

These days artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s likely that as time goes on, this technology will be perfected even more, eventually becoming incorporated into websites and apps. With these interactions likely to become seamless, a website that already knows what your customers are after by analysing their previous interactions could be hugely beneficial when it comes to offering great customer service. 

Bespoke Illustration

Illustrations are a versatile way of adding images to your website, not only are they creative and welcoming, custom illustrations can also be a great way to explain things to users or back up your text content. Using bespoke illustrations has become popular with big brands such as Google and Facebook, adding to their brand identities, as well as showing they are leaders, who choose to create their own graphics, rather than borrow from others. 

Unique Scrolling 

Traditionally scrolling is used simply for getting from the top of the page to the bottom, with many websites choosing to use most of the important content ‘above the fold’. These days, however, the way we scroll through websites is changing, with ‘the fold’ becoming much more difficult to define and much more fun ways of scrolling coming into the forefront. More and more sites are choosing to offer more interaction when it comes to their scrolling, something which will be more popular in the coming year. 

An outdated website can often cause problems for your business, old-fashioned, cluttered designs can distract your audience, decreasing conversions and ultimately make audiences lose interest in your business as a whole. 

If you’re looking for a change in the upcoming year, then why not contact our team today?

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 18th December, 2017
Categories: Web Design

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