24th Jul 2018

We’re Helping Bill Free Homes Reach Out To Durham University Students 

SEO strategies focus on search engine rankings and improving online reach, however at Discovery Design, we like to focus on a combination of both SEO and conversions in order to get results. 

Bill Free Homes provides bill free student housing to a number of Durham University and New College students. With a vast number of existing customers, we’ve been carrying out a range of techniques to help Bill Free Homes achieve more online, encouraging new customers to choose Bill Free Homes when they are looking for university accommodation. 

In order to appeal to new audiences we have been targeting three specific points: General relevant terms, location and bedroom number.

Focusing on general terms such as “Student Accommodation Durham” alongside location-based search terms search as “Viaduct Accommodation Durham” it allows us to generate page content that ranks higher up within the highly relevant search results. Using locations also allows us to target audiences who have more of an idea of what they’re looking for, meaning relevant content shows up when people want it. 

We’ve also been targeting the number of bedrooms in accommodation, for example “4 Bedroom Accommodation Durham” which allows Bill Free Homes to cater to those searching for houses with a specific number of houses. 

Currently, Bill Free Homes are ranking below national companies such as Rightmove for student housing related keywords and terms. The next step for us is to begin focusing on generating new content that allows us to compete with much bigger names and helping generate even great results for our client! 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th July, 2018
Categories: SEO Marketing

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