27th Jun 2016

Video marketing: How can I use Youtube to market my business?

Whilst you might associate Youtube with the likes of cat videos, gaming videos and tutorials. The fact is, that in the last few years Youtube has grown into so much more than a place for videos like this, Youtube has quickly involved into a billion dollar industry, which entertains millions upon millions every single day. 

Due to it’s extensive reach and power, many artists, celebrities and businesses are now using Youtube in order to generate more attention to themselves and their companies.

Youtube can be used in a number of ways in order to promote a product, an idea or an entire business and for small business can be a great way of expanding reach, with a number of benefits available, could Youtube be a new way to market your business? 

Grab attention 

Videos give you a way to creatively capture an audience. Using video you can create animations, infographics, humour, music and much more to create a fun and captivating video which will attract attention from the very start. This is something you can’t necessarily do with graphics or text, possible encouraging new audiences to watch your videos as well as allowing you to stand out from your competition.

Drive traffic 

By creating a fun and engaging videos for your website, you can not only grow your youtube channel but also direct subscribers to your website. Including a link in your video descriptions, in your channel header and in your channel bio, you can subtly encourage those interested to visit your website to find out more.

Huge reach

Youtube exists across the world, reaching out to millions across the globe and is accessible anywhere on a range of different devices such as phones, tablets and desktop devices. Because of this huge reach it means that you can draw in visitors and subscribers from around the world, increasing not the only the amount of people who view your videos but also the amount of people who will visit your website, providing exposure for your business 24 hours a day.

Social influencers

You can also work with social influencers such as vloggers and ‘gurus’ in order to reach new audiences. Working alongside those who produce high quality content to a huge audience means you can not only reach more people but also can be a way to show yourself as a large and established brand. 

Social media integration

Integrating your Youtube videos with your social media accounts can be a simple way of sharing your content online. Distributing your videos on Facebook and Twitter can increase your exposure quickly, encourage engagement and also showcase your video to those who might not be subscribed to your channel, groin your online presence and ultimately your brand.

Leveraging Youtube for business purposes should be something you consider during your marketing. Whilst video marketing isn’t for every type of industry, if you have a way to incorporate your business with video marketing then why not go for it? With extensive research and a good idea, the possibilities are endless.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th June, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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