31st Mar 2017

Using Online Video For Marketing Your Business: Can It Work?

In the world we currently live in, it’s becoming more important than ever for companies to take advantage of todays technology in order to create great quality and engaging videos that audience will enjoy and that can promote your brand. With so many video marketing platforms available, including the rise in popularity of live streaming apps, there has recently been a huge transformation in the way video marketing works. 

These days there are endless opportunities for brands to utilise digital marketing, allowing businesses from most industries and niches to get involved. While getting started with video content marketing can seem timely and often expensive, it doesn’t have to be as hard as you would imagine, here’s how and why video marketing can work for you. 

Online video is rapidly becoming one of the key ways that people satisfy their need for entertainment and information needs, allowing people to find out information in an easy to understand and digestible way and can be the perfect way for small businesses to get their message out there to their desired audience. 

Video content is here and it’s here now, with most large companies using video marketing in some form to promote their businesses, through Youtube videos, Facebook video and even indirectly through Youtube influencers. In the information age, video acts as a naturally engaging platform, as opposed to text heavy content that can often be too much for audiences, boring them and sending them elsewhere to find information. 

But why should brands be using video content to marketing their business? Here’s a quick run down of why video is so important.  

Video Is Engaging 

The most obvious reason for businesses to be using video within their marketing strategy is due to societies increased interest in online video content. With automatic videos on Facebook and Twitter and increasing popularity in Youtube, engagement figures are at their highest, showing that people are much more interested in video content. By using video content that engages with people, businesses can bring more people to content and ultimately their website.  

Informative Value

Besides being engaging, videos are informative, offering a practical value, rather than simply being something to watch to kill time. They work for businesses looking to inform people about your brand, your products or your services, as well as acting like the best place to deliver your brand message. Most people would prefer to watch a video to hear about a brand rather than read huge amounts of content.  

Video Builds Trust 

Trust is one of the biggest foundation for leads and conversions and is something most brands shouldn’t ignore and nothing builds trust better than engagement and emotion, something that video can very easily do. By speaking directly to people through video, you can create an experience that many people can relate to, acting as a figure that can not only promote your brand, but also humanise it.  

Shows Great ROI 

Despite often seeming like an expensive option, video marketing can pay off hugely, offering great return on investment even for smaller brands. With so many cheap and even free options out there for filming and editing video content, making videos is becoming more affordable, providing a great opportunity for many businesses. Even if your videos aren’t perfect, if they offer valuable information then it’s very possible your videos will still be effective.  

But Can Video Really Work For Small Businesses?

With production costs falling significantly and with people becoming much more savvy when it comes to creating and editing video content, there’s huge opportunity out there for brands and even individuals to start making online videos. Most of the biggest online video creators started with webcams, iPhone cameras and minimal editing software and are now boasting huge amounts of subscribers and are worth millions. 

Always consider who it is you’re looking to reach out to, ensuring that any video content you create is relevant to this audience and gets the message across appropriately. If you’re looking for a new way to create engaging content that your audience will enjoy, then perhaps video marketing is the way forward for your business.

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 31st March, 2017
Categories: Marketing

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