11th May 2018

User Experience: What Is It & Why Should We Care?

The term ‘user experience’, dubbed UX for short, is thrown around a lot online, becoming a popular keyword within the discussion of website design and app development. UX is a hot topic and has been for a number of years now, however with the enhancement of technology, design and user behaviour, a great user experience is becoming more and more important for designers, agencies and businesses. 

What Is User Experience?

There’s user experience involved in all aspects of design, however, in this article, we’re going to focus on the digital aspect of user experience design, such as website design, app design and even on software design.

While there are a lot of elusive definitions of the term User Experience available online, especially within the UX community, to put it simply:

UX or User Experience is the process of enhancing a website or app to improve user satisfaction, this is often done by improving the usability, value and accessibility of the website or application. Studying how a user behaves, understanding their motivations and designing better digital experiences.

Why Does User Experience Matter?

It doesn’t matter what your site or app looks like if people can’t use it, don’t enjoy using it or simply don’t understand how it works, making user experience design equally as important as visual identity and design.

UX is massively significant for websites looking to not only engage with visitors but also for sites that are wanting to drive action, such as making a purchase or completing a form. Users need to be able to navigate a website before they can carry out an action, meaning that neglecting user experience can result in a sloppy website that people won’t want to visit or return to. 

Without considering user experience we’d all be using websites that are unpleasant to use and impossible to navigate.  

User experience is vital for all businesses looking to create a great first impression to their users. Remember that users decide in seconds whether or not a website or app is actually worth their time, so failing to provide a great experience can be costly.

If you’re interested in finding out more about UX design and how it can benefit your website or app and even your business as a whole, why not contact our team today?


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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 11th May, 2018
Categories: Web Design

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