5th Oct 2018

Trick Or Treat? Creating Engaging Content For Your Customers This Halloween

Halloween is nearly upon us! With just weeks to go until the main event, for those looking to get their business involved in the Halloween hype then the time to start now.

While Halloween themed email campaigns or pay per click ads are effective ways in which your business can promote deals and offers, Halloween also gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out to your audience using content marketing.

Here are 5 sure-fire ways you can create engaging and spooky content, this Halloween season.  

User-Generated Content

Halloween is an ideal way for your company to get user-generated content for your website, social media or for your blog. Through your social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you can ask your customers to share their Halloween plans, costumes, food or even pumpkin carvings, which not only gets people involved with your brand but ultimately creates a sense of community around your brand.  

Involve Your Team 

If your office, warehouse or store is getting involved in the Halloween then there’s no reason you shouldn’t show this off using your social media platforms. Showing off your decorations, costumes or even photos of events that your business might be involved in, is the perfect way to give your customers an exclusive look behind the scenes and shows the more human and fun side of your company. 

Tell Your Own Scary Stories

The best thing about Halloween is that it’s the one time of year you can embrace the eccentric and the negative so why not make the most of it? Halloween can be a great time to focus on telling some real-life horror stories centred around your business. Whilst you shouldn’t focus too much on the grim reality, you can use Halloween as an excuse to talk about the horror your customers face if they shop elsewhere or the things that can go wrong, in a helpful and lighthearted manner.  

Create A Video 

Halloween lets your brand be as wacky, creepy or strange as you like and while video production can be expensive, creating video content is another fun way in which your brand can get involved in the Halloween season. From short Youtube videos to Vines and even Short Snapchat videos and stories, there’s plenty of opportunities out there to create engaging content that not only increases views, traffic and ultimately generates sales.  

Seasonal How To’s

From teenagers looking for costume ideas to parents looking for food and party inspiration, it’s likely that this Halloween there are plenty of people out there looking for inspiration online and there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be able to help. By creating fun tutorials, how-to videos and infographics you can not only create great Halloween themed content but also provide valuable and reliable content that can be of huge benefit to your customers. 

Halloween essentially starts the winter season, it’s the beginning of the run-up to a number of important events that retailers and marketers need to be involved in, including the big Christmas rush. Ignoring Halloween not only means your business misses out on a number of opportunities to reach out but it can have an effect on the rest of your marketing plan leading up to Christmas. 

By reaching out to your audience this Halloween, you’re likely to keep their attention over the coming months, through bonfire night, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and possibly even right up into the new year, increasing your customer relationship, credibility and increase your chances of conversions.

Don’t miss out this Halloween, get prepared and utilise that content creation! 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 5th October, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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