4th Nov 2016

Top Do’s and Don’ts Of Building Your Brand

Building and maintaining your brand is arguably one of your company’s most important investments. From your logo and brand colours through to your content strategy and brand voice, your branding is key for shaping your business, helping you truly establish your business from the competition.

Whether you’re creating your branding from scratch or looking to refresh your existing brand, there’s a few do’s and don’ts you should know in order to create a brand that reflects the values of your business.  

Do Your Research 

When you’re looking to build your brand it’a a fairly good idea to do your research first. By finding out what your audience are looking for, what similar businesses are doing and also by monitoring your competitors, you can gain a insight into branding and get an idea of how you should progress with building your brand. By looking at what’s already happening it allows you to figure out what can be improved or developed further by your brand in order to go above and beyond for your audience.  

Don’t Copy Your Competition 

Whilst you should aim to learn from your competition you shouldn’t feel the need to copy what others are doing. Your brand should be unique, it should feature your own personal message, values and personality, which should reflect in your brand, by simply copying what other people have done, your brand isn’t likely to feature any of your personality, leaving you with a uncreative, unauthentic company.  

Do Define Your Brand Early 

Developing your brand should never be an afterthought, nor should it be rushed, your branding should be well thought out and truly reflect the values of your business. By building from brand from the beginnings of your business you can show from the start that your business is innovative, creative and looking to establish yourself in your industry. Failing to build your brand early can cause problems later, especially if you’re looking to expand in the future.   

Don’t Think Too Small

You might be a small business now but who knows what will happen in the future? For many smaller businesses it can be tempting to create their brand on certain products, locations or services during the initial launch, however this isn’t always a good idea. If your company later expands into new products, service or even locations you could be left with an oddly specific and limited brand. Instead you should look to keep the bigger picture in mind and work your brand around this.   

Do Be Consistent 

It might be tempting to try out a number of different options and styles out within your business however if you’re really looking to establish a solid brand you need to keep your images, content and your overall branding consistent. By offering consistency with your marketing and branding you can really focus on the story and the personality behind your business and help keep customers interested. 

Don’t Expect Instant Results

Success doesn’t come overnight, building an established brand takes time and dedication and you should be aware it can take some time to get your brand off the ground. With a thought out plan, patience and a solid business model you can create a consistent, recognisable brand that continues to grow along with your customers and sales. 

Your brand is your most important asset, it’s the soul of your business, without a great brand your business is nothing more than just that, a business. Your brand is what your customers connect with and by understanding and developing your own branding you can begin building and nurturing a successful brand for years too come. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 4th November, 2016
Categories: Branding

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