6th Feb 2017

Time For Change? Essential Reasons Your Website Needs A Redesign

These days both technology and design change within a space of a few months, what might have looked good a year a go can look stale and out of place in no time, leaving you with an outdated, uninspiring website, that could be scaring your visitors away. With only a matter of seconds to catch a users attention and help spread your message, having a well designed site matters not only in order to reach more audiences but to also show off how professional your business really is. 

While redesigning your website might seem like an unnecessary chore, it can have a number of benefits including increased traffic, more opportunities and even a high return on investment. Here’s 5 of the most important reasons you should consider a website redesign.  

Your Website Looks Old 

Possibly the most important reason for looking to redesign your website is because it looks old or outdated. First impressions matter and if you’re looking to make an instant impact on your visitors then you need to make sure your website is looking fresh, modern and reflects what’s currently relevant to both your business and overall design. 

If you’re wanting to show your business in a good light and offer your customers the best experience then you need a well designed site that not only shows the products and services you have to offer, but shows them in a creative, fresh and fun way that your customers will truly understand.  

Your Website Isn’t Getting Results

If your website isn’t getting result then you have a pretty big problem, especially if the point of your site is to help attract new audiences, generate leads and increase sales. By optimising your site geared more towards the goals of your business, you can design your website around what you’re looking to achieve, giving your business more opportunities in the long run. 

A redesign of your website gives you the option to incorporate new technology into your site in order to improve your opportunities and likelihood of generating new business and boosting your existing business.   

Not Mobile Friendly

In 2017 there’s no excuse not to have a mobile friendly website, with so many people browsing the internet on mobile and tablet devices, gone are the days of focusing on desktop websites alone. With the expectation there for brands to cater for mobile users, offering them the same optimised experience as desktop users, if you’re not mobile ready, you could be losing out. 

An unresponsive website could be all it takes for your visitors to avoid your website, viewing your business as one that is behind the times and one who is unwilling to move on with modern technology. Don’t miss out, make sure your website is fully responsive.  

Your Business Has Changed

Over time business changes, for many businesses goals change and what people want from their website changes alongside it. As your business goals change, it’s a good idea to redesign your website to fit in with the style and message you’re looking to achieve, showing off exactly what your business is all about, in one place. 

If your website is still reflecting the views and goals you had years ago and doesn’t truly represent what’s going on in your business at the current time, then it might be a good idea to start thinking about the benefits of redesigning your website. 

As your business evolves so too should your website, allowing you to grow even more as both your goals and as technology expand. While a redesign isn’t the end goal and you should always aim to be constantly measuring and improving your website, a redesign allows you to start growing your business even more, letting your reach new audiences and ultimately increase your sales. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 6th February, 2017
Categories: Web Design

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