7th Dec 2017

Actionable Ways To Build Trust On Your Ecommerce Website

With the increase in phishing scams, malware and overall cyber fraud, these days consumers aren’t willing to take the risk when it comes to shopping online and with so many options and comparability available, more people than ever are in know about online shopping and the potential risks that come with it. 

While word of mouth reviews are great for small business, once you start looking at growing your business to new audiences, building trust becomes even more significant. 

Convincing consumers to trust your website is essential, if your customers don’t trust that your website is secure they’re unlikely to feel confident enough to enter their card details and continue with a purchase.

But why is building trust so important? 

There are a number of reasons you should be actively looking to build trust with your customers, from increasing sales to grow your business, after all, trust if what keeps your customers coming back! 

Prevent Abandoned Orders 

One of the biggest reasons why potential customers decide to abandon a purchase is down to a lack of trust in the website or checkout process. The worst thing that could happen to a customers shopping journey is a pop up appearing warning visitors that your site is not secure, which is why it’s essential you offer security. Offering a secure connection with an SSL certificate, as well as including trust badges from reliable sources, you can improve trust and increase your sales!

Be Confident In Your Delivery Information 

Another way you can increase trust with your audience is through clearly displaying your delivery and returns information. If you’re hiding this information away somewhere where your customers can’t see it, they’re much more likely to become suspicious over whether your service will be up to standard or whether they can actually return an order, which in turn could stop them from carrying out a purchase. 

Offer Reviews

Your product could look the best, include multiple benefits and promise the world but how are your customers supposed to take your word for it? Without reviews or proof from previous customers, you could be saying anything about your products. Instead, you should aim to back up your claims with a number of independent reviews from your happy customers, meaning potential customers can be reassured before they invest money into your products.  

Social Proof

As well as showing customer reviews you could also show off the fact that people are buying and using your products. Be it through social media or simply a page on your website, if you can prove that people have received their orders and enjoy what they have received it means that you can demonstrate to others looking at your products that you are a reliable company. 

Trust can be a difficult thing to build and an even more difficult thing to manage, however, a customers trust can more often than not lead to loyalty, improved sales and a growing business. By showing customers that you want to make their lives easier, you are showing you care about them, reiterating the reasons why they should buy from you. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 7th December, 2017
Categories: Ecommerce

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