10th Oct 2016

The Importance of Website Testing

If you want a successful online business then it’s likely you’ve paid for a well designed, thought out website that offers your customers a great experience. If your customers aren’t using your site effectively and to it’s full potential then it means you aren’t offering your businesses full potential, which is why you need to test your website. 

With so many different devices and browsers currently out there, it means that your website needs to be able to effectively run on a number of platforms, offering an efficient user experience across the board, no matter what your visitors needs. 

Usability testing can be an important factor in discovering all types of faults or issues with your website. From incorrect information, a slow shopping cart experience or long loading times, there are a number of things that can go wrong with your website and it’s important that you keep on top of these issues in order to generate success.  

What needs testing?  

Browser Bugs 

Older browsers often don’t always adhere to the same standards as newer browsers, which is why it’s key that you test your website on a number of browsers to see how it looks elsewhere. From broken layouts, incorrectly sized fonts, spacing issues and even alignment problems, browser bugs can be a big issue and it’s important you find them sooner rather than later.

Functionality Problems 

Your website might look great but if it doesn’t function properly then there may be some problems for your business. Small issues such as your forms not working or checkout issues mean that your customers can have big problems using your website, testing your functionality ensures that users won’t get tripped up, offering them a smooth experience throughout.   

Poor Grammar and Misspellings 

Whilst it’s important to test your website for functionality and browser issues, it’s also a good idea to test your website in order to check that your copy is correct before your launch. If your content is full of grammar errors and misspellings then it not only makes your website look unprofessional but can also make your business look all together less professional.  

If your website doesn’t give people want they want, including information, easy access and unavailability, it means that people will leave your website and visit your competitors instead. Testing your browsers, testing on multiple screen sizes and using both manual and automated testing methods are all simple yet effective ways in which you can test the functionality of your website. 

With many different types of website testing and testing tools out there, there’s no reason not to test your website in order to make improvements and increase your conversions.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 10th October, 2016
Categories: Web Design

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