27th Jan 2016

The importance of email marketing and what it can do for your company!

It’s estimated that around 2.8 billion people use email, a number which seems to be growing every day. So what better way is there to promote your brand than through email marketing? What is seen by many as an outdated tool, could actually be the best way of marketing your company! 

Nowadays social media is believed to be the most effective form of marketing, however this isn’t necessarily the case. Email marketing is still key for a number of reasons, mainly due to it’s ability to directly address the customer. Addressing the reader by their name and possibly featuring items similar to their previous purchases can make the customer feel like they can connect with the company on a more personal level and is great for creating a customer relationship. Compare this with one singular Facebook post addressing everyone, it’s a much more thoughtful and friendly approach. 

In comparison to social media posts, emails are measurable and offer you the chance to track what has happened after the email has been sent. Whether your customers have opened it, replied, clicked through to your website or unsubscribed, you can track it. This gives you the opportunity to understand how your email marketing campaigns are working and allows you to change or alter your campaign as you need to. 

For the most part, email marketing is fairly cheap compared to more traditional marketing techniques such as leaflets and flyers. With email marketing you are able to stay creative and have great imagery without having to pay extra costs for things such as printing. It also doesn’t cost you anything to send out emails, with the added bonus that it is also a lot quicker. 

Nowadays nearly everyone owns a smartphone, which makes email marketing even more effective. This allows you to get your information across to mobile users quickly and easily.  Given that these days emails are sent straight to peoples phones, as well as their tablets, you’ll find that people will check their emails no matter where they are so they can see your email as soon as you send it.  

Although to some it seems an outdated system, sending emails is still a powerful part of any marketing strategy and you’ll find many companies would still prefer to send out emails for marketing over purely using social media. If you’re considering using email marketing to utilise your business, why not have a chat with a member of our team

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Sarah Seymour,
Published: 27th January, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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