8th Mar 2016

The benefits of advertising through Bing 

When marketing your business, having a solid Pay Per Click campaign is essential, there are many different platforms you can use, each with their own unique options and benefits. Bing is the second largest traditional search engine in the world and whilst it’s beaten to the post by Google, it doesn’t make Bing any less important in advertising your business.

Advert Integration

Bing Ads actually welcomes customers using Google ads and offers customers the chance to move their Adword campaigns over to Bing completely free of charge. Bing even does the work for you once the campaigns have been imported, generating all the appropriate campaigns and copying over most of the settings for you. 

Working with Yahoo

Through the Yahoo Bing Network you can seriously increase the amount of people you can reach. There are thousands of people using Yahoo everyday and even more using Bing, if you add these together you have the potential to reach millions of people you might not reach through other search engines. 

Cost effective

Because of lower competition levels, Bing offers a lower cost per click than the likes of it’s competitors. Less businesses are using Bing which means that in ad auctions, the cost per click remains a lot lower than on platforms with a higher competition. This lower CPC can be highly beneficial for competitive industries with competitive keywords.

Available by default

Bing is actually the default search engine on many devices such as mobiles, tablets and on certain web browsers, this results in many people using Bing on a regular basis who perhaps might not have done previously, with this increase in people using Bing means that more people will be viewing your ads.

Mobile friendly

Leading on from Bing being the default search engine on devices Bing ads are also optimised for mobile and tablet devices, as well as desktop. As technology develops it’s more and more important to have adverts that are optimised for mobile and with Bing Ads you have all the tools available to target mobile searches and show up on mobile devices.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 8th March, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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