9th Dec 2016

The Art To Loving Emojis: Everything Your Brand Needs To Know About Using Emojis

Emojis are everywhere right now, on our mobiles, on our social media, on clothing, they’re even being featured on homeware, while this new generation of emoji might seem new, emojis have been around a long time meaning there’s no reason your brand shouldn’t be aware of the power of emojis and how to use them. 

Billions of emojis are sent every day across a number of devices and while they’re most commonly sent by those in the 18-25 demographic, brands are now jumping on the emoji bandwagon, using emojis to express emotions and message through image form rather than through writing. 

With a whole new kind of messaging available and an entirely new generation expecting emojis in their day to day interactions, how can emojis help brands? 

Increased Engagement 

Emojis can be an effective way for brands to reach out and engage with their audience in a way in which text posts and replies can’t. Using emojis can add some form of personality to your posts, from a simple smiley face to an emoji related to the content of your post, they can all add some form of extra personality and pizzazz to your content. Through the use of emojis it’s like that brands will see an increase in engagement, not only can images grab your audience’s attention, but emojis can also help your audience digest content in an easier manner, increasing the chances of them reading and responding to your posts.  

To Share Joyful Emotions 

Sometimes it can be hard to understand the context or tone of a text post, things that are meant to sound fun can come across as serious and vice versa, luckily with emojis brands can share joyfulness through images, rather than elaborating in a text post. By adding smiley faces, hands or even fun emojis related to the content, your audience can look at a post and know they’re getting fun or lighthearted communications without even having to read the text.  

Stand Out & Break Up Content 

Nothing looks more boring than a social media page filled with text posts and the occasional image used to break up your text, however emojis can be an effective way in which your brand can stand out from others. As your audience are scrolling through their social media feeds they’re much more likely to notice and potentially engage with brands who are using fun emojis within their content, over brand who are only posting text. Emojis are perfect for breaking up boring black and white text and can be great for encouraging audiences to read your content. 

While emojis aren’t perfect for every type of business and it’s important you know how to use them effectively within your marketing campaigns, there are plenty of benefits to using emojis within your social media marketing. By understand why they’re important and how they can benefit your business you can connect with your audience in a new way, building your brand and helping build your customer relationship. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 9th December, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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