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The 4 Common Types of Landing Pages You’ll Probably Use

When it comes to lead generation, the “one size fits all” landing page is long gone. Any marketer or company owner can now pick from various landing pages to meet their campaign goals and sales funnel with the help of a landing page builder or a custom built web design.


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a specific web page visitors get to after clicking a sponsored search engine result, banner ad, promotional email, or link. A landing page’s objective is to generate conversions, which may be accomplished using clear CTAs such as “free trial,” “contact us,” and “subscribe.”

You may create different landing pages based on your objectives. You will be able to maximise conversion based on the purpose of each traffic source.


  1. Lead capture landing page

Lead capture landing pages work best in lead generation activities when the goal is to collect contact information. This allows you to achieve one of the most fundamental objectives of your business: to reach out to your potential customers and find out if they’re interested in your offer.

Lead capture landing pages usually include a form that you can use to collect this information. By getting all the contact information from your potential customers, you can follow up with them later.

If you’re using a lead generation platform, you can also track how many visits your landing page gets, how many opt-ins you receive, and how many contacts joined your list.


  1. Click-Through Landing Page

You need a click-through landing page when you want to increase your traffic and attract new visitors to your website. These landing pages mainly focus on clicks, which allows the visitor to have more control over the interaction with your page.

To achieve high click rates, the page usually uses a combination of images, CTA’s and text. The key here is always to ensure that your prospective customers will know what they’ll get precisely after clicking on an image, so you want to make the image hard to miss.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a catchy and clear title for your click-through landing page, you can always use an eye-catching headline that includes your company’s name. If your company name is already well-recognised, this strategy works even better.


  1. Thank You Landing Page

After you close a sale, you can use a thank you landing page to ensure your customer stays satisfied. This landing page will usually be the next step after a lead-capture form, as it’s an excellent way to follow up with your leads.

Thank you landing pages are usually straightforward, as they offer gratitude to your customers and confirm that they’ve made the right decision by purchasing your product or service.

If your company has multiple products or services, this is a great place to offer either cross-sell or up-sell. This will allow you to boost your sales even more, as you can present customers with multiple products in one place.


  1. Squeeze Landing Page

Sometimes it’s best to cut to the chase and “squeeze” the information you need from a visitor. Isn’t that a lead generation landing page? No, not exactly. Squeeze pages are often shorter and smaller in size, with no graphics or text. While both types of landing pages have no exit and prominent CTAs, squeeze pages are more about driving transactions than educating about an offer.

They are also known as “opt-in pages” and typically provide ebooks and other downloadable content. Appointment booking for services such as consultations or open home inspections is another typical usage of the squeeze landing page structure. Furthermore, this page type is prevalent among people who are just learning how to construct a landing page since it allows for excellent outcomes with little effort and commitment.



The type of landing page you use should be based on your business goals and your audience’s intent. Landing pages are a powerful tool that you can use to attract new customers, increase your sales and boost your brand awareness.

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Article By
Anna Stewart, Digital Marketing Strategist
Published: 8th April, 2022
Categories: Web Design

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