1st Jul 2016

Social media nightmares and how to avoid them

Social media has a lot of power, it can generate leads, increase brand exposure and create engagement. If managed correctly your social media accounts are hugely beneficial, however sometimes it can go wrong. Even the most professional accounts can have their issues which is why you need a plan for if your dreams turn into a nightmare.

Typos and grammar mistakes 

You’ve sent out the perfect post, it’s relevant, it’s engaging, now you can sit back and let the replies and likes roll in, but then you realise…there’s a spelling error.

We’ve all done it, there’s going to be few people, if any, who haven’t made a spelling error on a social media post and whilst you can go back and edit it or delete it, it’s still embarrassing. Nobody wants to look stupid and making a silly spelling mistake, is a sure fire way of making yourself and your brand look stupid.

Not only does it make you feel stupid, but it can also reflect badly on your brand, if you’ve got spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in your social media posts, it can make potential customers think you don’t care about paying attention to detail, in both your social media and running your business as a whole.

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to make you double check over your posts and tweets before you sent them out or even have someone else double check them beforehand. It’s worth spending the extra time to double check everything to save yourself the embarrassment later.  

Posting from the wrong account 

Posting from the wrong account one of the biggest fears for most social media managers, in a time where we have access to multiple accounts in the click of a button, it can be easy to post a personal post to a business account, an idea sure to horrify many.

There’s possibly nothing more jarring and embarrassing than the thought of accidentally posting those photos of you at the weekend on your company social media account. Everyone makes mistakes but unless you’ve posted something truly awful, there’s still time to rectify it.

Not only do you need to delete the post quickly but it’s probably a good idea to recognise the fault, inform any managers which need to know and send out a follow up tweet or post which acknowledge the mistake and most importantly, apologise. If you can, make light of your mistake, if you weren’t laughing you’d be crying right?    

Don’t start a fight

People aren’t going to be positive all the time, unfortunately if you put yourself out there people are going to sometimes have negative things to say. That’s just how social media works, however you can’t pick fights. 

Don’t start arguments with individuals, not only can it escalate even more, but your company will always come off worse, nothing good comes of arguing with customers. If someone sends you an aggressive message, keep calm, try and resolve any issue they might be having. Don’t point fingers and don’t take things personally.

Being hacked

An increasing fear, is the fear of the company page getting hacked. With a number of celebrities and even giants such as McDonalds and Burger King falling victim to hack attacks, it could happen to anyone. 

There are a number of precautions you can take in order to avoid getting hacked, change your passwords on a regular basis, avoid writing them down and always be cautious about who knows the passwords for your social media accounts, these are simple tips which could be important in securing your account.

Social media is a fantastic resource, if you get it right it can be perfect for generating business but can go wrong in a matter of seconds. Whilst your nightmares can come reality once in a while, with the best plan, your social media can continue to be a dream. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 1st July, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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