12th Sep 2016

Social Media Mistakes Your Business Needs To Avoid

Social media is perfect for businesses, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram out there, there are a number of opportunities available for a range of businesses to get the word out about your products, services, offers and promotions. However there can be some drawbacks to using social media, here’s a look at some of the biggest social media marketing mistakes your business could make and how they can avoided.  

Posting too much 

Whilst it’s important you stay active on social media, you shouldn’t need to post all day every day, the odd engaging post every couple of hours should be enough to show your followers that you’re posting consistently and that you’re still there. For the most part, less is more you don’t need to post irrelevant content all the time, instead you should carefully consider each post, instead of hastily throwing content out there just to please people. Focus on quality first and post in a way that matches this. 

Posting too little 

A little contradictory but you also shouldn’t be posting too little on your social media channels. Failing to post anything or only posting once a day or even once a week can make it seem like your business doesn’t care about your social media. It also makes your business look like it’s not active, meaning if any customers or followers have any queries they won’t want to ask because they believe they won’t get a response and will likely go elsewhere to find a company willing to help.  

Ignoring others

If your business is on social media then it’s likely that you’ll have customers looking  to interact with you on these platforms. Be it to ask you questions regarding your business, your products or your services or to simply find out more about your business, it’s important that if you’re on social media to respond to you customers. The entire point of social media is to be social and speak with others, help people out and build bridges.

Only talking about yourself

It’s true you should use your social media to talk about your business and anything you might have something going on, however you should be sure to not only talk about yourself. There’s no harm getting involved in trending topics that show off the fun side of your business, particularly on social media sites such as twitter. Your social media is to entertain and inform your audience, not bore them with selfish posts.  

Having no personality 

Automated posts are fine but a social media account based purely on social media won’t work. There’s nothing engaging about a Twitter or Facebook account that seems to have no personality behind it. From small features such as Gifs, emojis and even the tone in which you speak with your followers are small elements which can show off your brands personality.  

Buying followers

Don’t buy followers. This isn’t even a mistake, this is just plain shady and it’s a huge no no. I’m sure it can be tempting to buy followers and make it look like you have a large amount of support to show off, however if you’re found out it makes your business look terrible and untrustworthy. Social media is a long term investment, you need to build your following authentically through posting regularly, not through buying your way to success. 

Social media can be hard to understand, what works for some may not work for others and it can require a lot more than a few posts here and there to make a successful social media strategy, but with time and effort and knowledge of these mistakes in mind, there’s not reason your social media can’t bring you success today.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 12th September, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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