6th Jun 2016

Social influencers, the future of the beauty industry?

The beauty industry is changing, where years ago we would buy beauty products based on price or what your friends are buying, the time has come where consumers are influenced by social media. 

Social media influencers are everywhere and even if you weren’t aware of it, you’ll have encountered one somewhere, on the internet, in books and even on TV. With this is mind it makes sense for brands to work with social influencers to advertise their products.

With brands such as Avon, The Body Shop, Benefit and many more using youtube stars in order to promote their brands, it seems social media influencers are more established than ever.


Social media personalities have a huge impact on the way in which brands promote their products and it’s not uncommon see sponsored videos and posts across social media platforms, but why?

Word of mouth 

Hearing other people talk about a brand or product is often the number one reason we’re influenced to buy a product. From personal experience, I’ll often watch a video or read a review or a product before I buy it, in order to find out what others thought first. This isn’t a new phenomenon by any means, we’ve been reading reviews for years, however videos offer an in depth show and tell of what the product looks like and how it works.

Large reach 

With bloggers and vloggers online with millions of subscribers and followers from across the world, this means that working with social influencers allows you to reach out to a huge audience, one which you might not have through other means of promotion.  

Continuous reach 

As well as having a large reach, with the likes of videos you have a continuous reach, where a paper ad or tv ad will eventually run it’s course and stop being shown, a youtube video will always be there. Youtube content stays live for as long as the site remains on the internet, meaning your brand could be discovered by new audiences for years to come. 

What brands should consider 

The key to successfully working with social influencers is to choose the right social influencer for your brand. You might want to work with someone with millions of subscribers, however that person might not be the right person for your brand. 

You need to make sure your influencer fits in with your brand, a natural and authentic campaign is going to be a lot more effective than a forced and false campaign by someone who wouldn’t normally use your products.

It’s also important to consider who you work with on a different level, you don’t want your brand to be associated with a content creator with a bad reputation. Do your research, work with an honest and professional person, the last thing you want is for your name to be dragged through the mud.

With vloggers quickly evolving from content creators to minor celebrities, it’s no surprise that brands are choosing to work with them. Not only can it help engage with new customers but it can enhance your brand as a whole.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 6th June, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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