20th Jul 2016

SEO misconceptions and myths you need to avoid!

The world of SEO is littered with misconceptions and myths that can have a negative effect on your business. Failing to understand the key concepts and truths about SEO can lead to not only confusion and time wasting but also huge mistakes which could prove to be costly.

With so many business owners looking to SEO in order to get found online, it’s time these misconceptions were busted, meaning businesses aren’t left working with inaccurate information and instead are left focusing on success.  

Keyword stuffing

Unsurprisingly many believe that using a large number of the same keyword on a page and in your content means that you can rank higher, when this isn’t the case at all. Spamming your website with too many keywords and creating unreadable sentences have negative effects on your website, rather than positive ones. Instead you should use keywords sensibly, thinking about readability, rather than spamming the page. Nobody likes a spammy webpage, especially Google.

Adwords is more beneficial 

One of the most common SEO misconceptions is that if you run an Adwords campaign, it’ll improve your organic SEO rankings. Currently there’s no evidence that running a paid advertising campaign has any effect on organic rankings, in fact Google have specific rules in place in order to prevent this from happening. Whilst PPC campaigns are great way to market your business, when used alongside SEO you have a solid plan which can positively effect your business.

An overnight fix

SEO is a long term endeavour, you can’t just write a search engine optimised piece of text and have it ranking high the next day. SEO is a long term investment, one which every company needs to be prepared to invest in. It can take weeks and possibly even months for your website to start appearing in the first set of results, you shouldn’t panic straight away if things are going as you expected, SEO takes time. 

Images and video don’t count

Another common misconception when it comes to SEO is that images and videos don’t have any value. By adding tags to images and videos you feature on your website provides search engine bots the clues they need to find and rank the content. 

Social media marketing has taken over 

Social media marketing is continuing to be the leading strategy for most online businesses. It’s understandable that many feel they don’t need SEO when they have a tool like social media providing content, however they don’t have the same results. Whilst social media allows you to reach out to people and keeps your business fresh in their minds, it has no influence on your website being found in search results. You need to use SEO along with your social media strategy and other marketing techniques to ensure you reach the audience you want.  

SEO can be a complicated and often confusing topic, with many business owners leaving it up to an SEO expert and thinking no more of it. It’s important to keep informed of what you can expect from SEO and how your business can benefit, stay up to date and keep up with your competitors. 

If you’re struggling to achieve search rankings then maybe it’s time to look for a SEO copywriting service who can provide you with results and establish success for your business. We can provide you with a clear understanding of SEO and help you generate the success you deserve, why not call today

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th July, 2016
Categories: SEO Marketing

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