24th Aug 2016

Our essential ingredients for website success!

Although it can be difficult to make your website stand out from the crowd, there’s no reason for you business to suffer. From design elements to usability elements, a well designed and successful website should feature a number of ingredients in order to create a functional, creative website which not only looks great but leaves your customers loving your business. 

Start with Keywords 

Before you start creating your content you need to decide which keywords you want your business to be found for and what you’d like your business to rank for in search results. Deciding on three or more relevant and specific keywords first allows you to create your content around these words in a way which flows, rather than trying to fit these keywords into already written content.

By doing research on what keywords your target audience are looking for you can find which keywords are relevant and current and will allow your business to get found, this is one of the most important factors in helping your business get found so don’t forget to start with your keywords.  

Add your content 

Content is key for all websites, without great content your visitors are unlikely to know exactly what your website is for and what your business does. Not only can it confuse visitors but it can also have an impact on your SEO, a lack of content can mean your website doesn’t show up in search results pages. Be sure to include unique and descriptive content which clearly describes your business, your services and what you’re looking to achieve.

Spend time on your content, make sure it’s engaging, informative and clear, your content is what makes up your website, without great quality content your business home is just another website trying to get found.  

Make it pretty 

Don’t forget your website needs to look good, a well designed, visually appealing website is much more appetising to customers than one that looks cluttered, confusing and overall badly designed. A well designed, high quality website encourages visitors to return to your website and creates a great user experience from the get go, allowing visitors to focus attention on using your website rather than being shocked by the appearance of your website.

Including attractive, high resolution images, legible fonts and a simple colour theme can be simple factors in making your website look appealing. It’s also important to remember not to clutter your website with images and too many fonts as these can make your website seem confusing and can drive visitors away.  

Show off your business 

Show your business in action, featuring a blog or news section on your website or even including a section on your website which shows your team is a simple and effective way of showing off what your business does and who you are. This doesn’t just have to be on your website however, branching into social media can be another great way to show off not only your website but also your business and can be a great way to link back to your website.

There’s no reason not to show your business off, if you’ve embarked on an exciting project, launching a new product or service or even just had a great day in the office then let your visitors know, show what you have to offer and find new ways to engage with your customers.  

Get reviews 

Once you’ve got the finished result why not ask for or include your reviews on your website? Nothing creates trust in a company like reviews or ratings from previous visitors or customers. Including these reviews can be a great way to establish your business and show that you offer a reliable or great service. 

Reviews are an increasingly important form of social proof and shouldn’t be ignore, if visitors or potential customers can’t find out anything about your business, including other peoples experiences with your business then they might automatically deem your business as untrustworthy and head elsewhere, leaving you for your competition.  

Mix these elements together and you’re guaranteed to get a well crafted website that not only looks great and features relevant content but also reaches out to audiences on a number of platforms, from social media to search engines. With these tips in mind, you should have a recipe for success and a website your visitors will love!


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 24th August, 2016
Categories: Web Design Marketing

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