11th Nov 2016

Marketing Matters: How Do I Get My Business Found Online?

Getting your business found online is a priority for most businesses no matter how large. If you’re looking to gain traffic and generate sales then you’re probably looking to attract new audiences from around the country or even around the world. Whilst a fully optimised website is the first step to getting found online, it’s important you consider a number of marketing tools as well, in order to help your business grow. 

So how do you get your business found online? While it may seem like magic to many, there’s a number of ways you can effectively get your business noticed online and with this simple guide, you can be pulling in those valuable visitors in no time.  

Never Forget SEO 

Despite what others may be saying, SEO is still an important tool when it comes to getting your business found online. By using the most relevant keywords for your business and including them in your content, your titles and your meta tags, Google’s site robots can crawl through your site and index your site, allowing your content to show up in relevant search results

Utilise Your Blog 

Your company blog is an outlet for your business to share your content and connect with your customers. By creating valuable content on a regular basis you can not only increase brand awareness but you can also look to build loyalty with your audience, educate your readers and ultimately establish your brand as leaders in your industry. Blogging can also be another great way to use SEO and by using specific keywords in your blog you can help your blog content rank within Google, expanding it’s reach and increasing chances of getting found.

Embrace Social Media 

Social media is perfect for making connections, interacting with customers and can be a great tool to help build a relationship with your customers. By using your social media to post engaging images and posts, sharing user generated content and even helping with customer enquires, you can very quickly show your business off but also grow your business into an established and loved brand.  

Pay Per Click Advertising 

If you’re looking to extend your reach even further then it’s a good idea to consider investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising. PPC allows businesses to purchase ads  on search engines in order to increase website traffic and despite it sounding like a costly option, paid advertising can be a very cost effective way to market your business. With PPC you can tailor your ads, keywords and location to not only reach the relevant audience but also work around your budget.  

Share Your Content

Don’t forget to share your content, if you write a great blog post or have something to say on social media, there’s no reason you shouldn’t show this off. Also by adding share buttons on your blog and encouraging people to retweet or share your social media posts, people who find your content useful, relatable or entertaining are much more likely to share your content and increase your website traffic.  

With digital marketing there are a number of ways you can get your business found online and by utilising the above techniques there’s no reason your target audience shouldn’t be able to find your business online. Make it easier for customers to find you, optimise your marketing strategy today!

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 11th November, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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