15th Apr 2016

Live chat for your website – The pros and cons

In recent months the addition of live chat functions to websites seem to have become more prominent, it’s quite common to hear the little chiming sound as a live chat pop up appears at the bottom of the screen.

With hundreds of websites now featuring live chat support it can be tempting to feature one on your website as a way to keep up with the competition. However there are a few considerations you should make before you decide to incorporate live chat support into your website.

live chat


You’re immediately accessible

Having a live chat pop up appear when your customer visits your website means that the chat can happen instantly and shows that you are there straight away for customers. Any issues that your customers may have can be addressed immediately, there and then which is great for them as it resolves the issue quickly and shows that you as a company really care.  

Gives the impression of modern company

Featuring live chat can signify that your business is modern, dynamic and up to date. It shows that you’re willing to use advanced techniques in order to help your customers, compared to more traditional methods such as through the phone or email.

Personalise your brand

Using live chat gives you the chance to make your company personal and accessible, the personal tone and ease of use of a live chat means that you’re company seem mores relatable and add a human quality to the help you are offering.

Eases stress on other communication platforms

Live chat reduces the stress on the email systems and phones, if your customers have a simple question they can ask it over live chat. This frees up the emails and phones lines for any more important, perhaps more complex issues your customers are dealing with.


You have to staff live chat

Remember, you’ll need  staff for your live chat, whilst small businesses might not need this as much, a business that deals with lots of enquires or issues might need specific members of staff to run the support chat on a regular basis.

Can be annoying

Unless we’re talking Facebook, a random pop up appearing in the corner of your page can honestly be quite annoying. If you aren’t looking for support and are simply browsing someone asking how they can help you today, if the equivalent to stepping one foot into a store and instantly being hounded by staff members.

Interrupts other work

Unlike emails you can’t put off a question and answer it later, you need to answer any queries straight away, this can interrupt you from any other work that needs to be done and distract from important aspects of your business.  

Can slow down website

A live chat feature is likely to slow down your website. Often plugins and additions to your website can lead to your website loading a lot slower if you don’t have the best website support available to you. A slow website can be frustrating and whilst you might be helping your existing customers could drive away any potential customers. 


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 15th April, 2016
Categories: Web Design Marketing

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