14th Sep 2016

IOS 10 and the New Opportunities It Can Bring Your Business

IOS 10 is here, amidst the hype of the iPhone 7 came the official release of iOS10, Apples biggest mobile update, to go alongside it’s newest hardware. With a number of new and exciting features and apps available for iPhone users, there’s changes ahead for how both consumers and businesses use their phones and incorporate iOS 10 into their daily lives. 

Whilst for the most part these new additions are fairly fun ones such as new emojis, the ability to send gifs through iMessage and photo editing functions, there are a few things for businesses to consider when it comes to iOS 10 and their business.  

Improved Siri 

Siri has been helping businesses and workers for a number of years, the virtual PA has been given a bit of a promotion with the iOS10 update. Now Siri will be able to control third party apps, not just Apples own applications, meaning that now Siri can open apps such as Skype, Facebook or Twitter with only voice recognition. 

This is great for those looking to develop new apps, an improved Siri means that for the first time developers can build on Siri’s intelligence in order to build an app that is readily available to be used alongside Siri.  

Updated messaging 

The most commonly used app Messages has also had some major changes in this new update, with more focus on personalisation, animation and expression. New message features include new animations such as balloons, hearts and lasers which can take over an entire screen. The new message functions allow you to respond to messages quicker and easier than ever. 

This new update also allows for people to share links in messages with include a preview, meaning that you don’t even need to leave the conversation to view a webpage. This does mean however that websites should now focus on optimising their websites so they look great however they viewed from preview to tablet screen to desktop size.

Even more security 

With the newest update comes even more security as iOS 10 now includes an Auto Unlock feature, which lets you pair your iPhone with your Mac or Macbook. Once they are paired together your computer can unlock itself any time your mobile device is near by, making more desktop or laptop security even more secure. 

This can be a great tool for workers or businesses who deal with personal details and confidential information as well as people who longer want to deal with tool many passwords or password screens. 

With so many individuals and businesses using Apple products it’s safe to say that this new update is likely to effect millions and whilst we may not like changes to start with these new changes are set to benefit both our personal lives and our business lives for the upcoming year. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 14th September, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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