13th May 2016

Instagram unveils new logo, but what's the big deal?

It’s been 2 days now since Instagram changed it’s logo from it’s old brown, polaroid logo to the new bright, flat, rounded one we now know and…hate?
Well apparently so, as expected, as always whenever a company makes some form of change, everyone lost their minds.

Whilst I’m pretty indifferent to the change, my biggest concern being how the new logo doesn’t really match the rest of the apps on my phone, this change sparked quite the reaction online. The change however is more than just a simple logo change, it a symbol of the huge changes that Instagram has seen in recent years.

(Source: Instagram)

Back in it’s humble beginnings, Instagram was known for it’s photo filters, used predominantly to give photos of coffee that edgy ‘vintage’ look. Which is why the old brown, polaroid icon worked so well, it completely summed up what you were getting from the app without actually having to tell you anything.

However times have changed, Instagram is no longer a place where people want to put vintage filters over photos of their pets before they upload it to Facebook. Instagram has well and truly come into it’s own. It’s grown, it’s changed, it’s become more diverse than ever and it’s about time it’s logo reflected that.

Instagram’s logo also says a lot about how design in general has changed, it taps into the flat icon, minimalist trend, which for a company as big and powerful as Instagram really was the only way forward. With companies as big as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and many more now using simple flat design, it makes sense for Instagram to succumb this design trend, as I’m sure many more companies will in future months.

But what can smaller brands learn from Instagram?

Instagram did what every other business in the world needs to do to survive, it moved forward.
Even with millions of eyes on them, knowing that people like myself would probably over analyse the change, Instagram had to evolve to stay ahead, and surely if they can do that then your businesses can too? 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 13th May, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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