23rd Nov 2016

How Your Business Can Make The Most Of Twitter Over The Festive Season

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms available, used by millions per day Twitter has quickly become a key part of any social media strategy. As the perfect platform for gathering a following, engaging with your customers and sharing your content, Twitter gives your business a number of opportunities to grow. 

With Christmas quickly approaching and more people than ever looking to social media to gain inspiration for gifts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider utilising your businesses Twitter account in order to promote your brand and reach out to new customers this Christmas. 

If you’re a small business looking to achieve more this Christmas, we’ve got 6 actionable tips that can help you achieve more, all with the help of Twitter.  

Use Inspirational Images 

Images are much more likely to increase engagement than text alone, so when trying to engage with your followers this Christmas you should always consider using images, videos and gifs. By using inspiring images of your products, services, decorated office or even your team you can show off a more visual element of your brand and grab your audiences attention.  

Offer Exclusive Content 

Christmas is expensive and it’s likely that those looking to purchase gifts are looking for exclusive deals, offers and promotions in order to save a little over the festive period, which is why your social media is the perfect place to offer exclusive deals and content. Not only can exclusives encourage people to head to your website to find out more but also can encourage them to follow your social media accounts in order to get more exclusive offers and content.  

Decorate Your Twitter Account 

Don’t forget to decorate your social media accounts in time for Christmas, by adding a festive cover photo, adding snow to your header image or even a Christmas hat to your profile picture you can very simply add a hint of Christmas cheer to your Twitter profile. Adding festive images and graphics can be a great way to show that your business is in the Christmas mood and can be another fun way to engage with your audience.  

Communicate With Your Audience 

Twitter is a great way to communicate with your audience, by responding to your customers, answering any questions they might have, sharing their content and generally speaking with your audience you build on your customer relationship and gain more trust. Twitter makes it so easy to respond to people, through @ replies and direct messages there’s no reason you should ignore your audience.   

Create A Schedule 

There’s a lot going on in December from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to New Years, meaning there’s plenty of things you’ll need to plan your Twitter content around. You shouldn’t have to stop your social media content from posting just because you’re out of the office, instead you can schedule some of your posts in order to keep your content regularly posted over the festive season.  

Get Involved In Festive Hashtags

One great way you can make the most of Twitter is to get involved in any festive hashtags that might be trending, including terms like ‘Christmas Day’, ‘Christmas Eve’, ‘New Year’, ‘Christmas Countdown’ etc. With millions of people using these hashtags, it’s likely that by getting involved and using them in your own social media content you can be spotted by people looking through the hashtags for similar content. 

With a matter of weeks left until Christmas if you’re looking to utilise your businesses Twitter account then there’s no time better than now to put your plan into action. With these tips you can not only continue to grow your social media following vastly but also look to increase your customers and engagement well into the new year.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 23rd November, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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