6th Apr 2016

How you can make your website more trustworthy in 5 easy steps!

It takes your customers on average around 15 seconds to determine whether they trust your website or not, that’s not a long time to prove that you are a legit, reliable company. Likelihood is, you offer a great service that your customers love but sadly, your website might not represent this.  There are however, a few things that you can do to win those visitors over and increase your business.


Professional website design

Simply put, having a professional website design can be the easiest way to make your company look more trustworthy. One way to look at it is to imagine you’re walking down the street and have the choice to enter a fresh, beautifully laid out bright store with a logo or a dingy, dark, logo-less store next door, which would you choose? Well the same goes for website. A professional design makes your website look all together much more enticing and generally more trustworthy.

Show some personality

Show off that winning personality of yours, customers want to know they’re in good hands, remember the customer needs to trust you as well as the website. Humanise your brand, speak directly to your customers, use words such as ‘we’ and ‘you’ to address them personally, it not only builds upon trustworthiness but can help massively in building a relationship with your customers.  

Be clear about options

When it comes to your payment and shipping options, be transparent, tell your customers all the information they need, including any extra costs that there might be. If you’re completely transparent about these things, it means that people will know you are honest and trustworthy and no trying to hide anything from your visitors. 


Social proof

Featuring some kind of social proof on your website such as reviews or testimonials can be a great way to prove to any visitors that you’re website is trustworthy. People are more likely to use your website if they see that other people have used it and have had success in the past. 

Make contact easy

Display your contact information clearly so that customers can get in contact with you easily if they need to. Showing visitors that you are available to speak to shows that you are always willing to help them and aren’t just going to take their money and leave.

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 6th April, 2016
Categories: Web Design

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