5th Jul 2016

How you can develop a unique brand persona

Every business wants to become an interesting, relatable and ultimately likeable brand, no matter what the product or service, your business needs to develop a dynamic personality to keep your customers engaged.

Understanding your brand persona can help both you create an authentic, unique and consistent business and can be a great way to set your business apart from the rest. However, creating a unique brand is no easy task and there’s plenty of factors to consider when getting started, both with your planning and development. 

Planning your personality

The first step when developing your brand persona is to do your research. Look at what other brands are doing and study how they’ve developed their own brand persona. From this you can see what they’ve done right and develop this into your own unique persona, specifically for your business. 

In order to work towards developing your brand, you need to know your business, know your strengths, your target audience and have an idea of how you would want your business to be perceived. These are factors which can be taken into account and even emphasised through your website and marketing communications when developing your brand personality.

Designing your personality

Now you’ve determined your personality, you need to start designing around it. Small choices such as your font choice, your colours and even the style of your images, are all crucial elements when it comes to your brand personality and it’s important you get them right.

Certain colours have certain connotations so you need to choose colours which will suit your brand and the vibe you want your brand to have, likewise with fonts, choosing the wrong ones, or ones unsuitable to your business could be a huge step backwards for your branding.

Once you’ve decided on which colours and fonts suit your brand, it’s a good idea create a brand bible. In this you can establish brand guidelines on how your company’s branding will be handled, allows you to keep track of your brand and your overall style.  

Creating your voice

Your brand voice is how you speak to your customers and should be consistent across your website, your marketing communications and your customer service communications. Using keywords specific to your business and using them within your communications is a simple and subtle way of creating your voice. 

Give your business a personality, is it male or female, old or young, serious or lighthearted? Whichever your brand may be, use your voice accordingly, not only bringing your company to life but also give you the opportunity to speak directly to your customers in a direct and relatable way.

Developing your brand personality is about the little things, from user interaction aesthetics to your brand attitude. It’s important not to forget however, that your brand persona should be derived from your goals and your mission.

Every business has a personality and it’s easier to find yours than you would think, with great planning, consistency and a full understanding, you can develop your own brand personality and ultimately make your business stand out! 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 5th July, 2016
Categories: Branding

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