18th Mar 2016

How you can bounce back from a business blunder

As you develop your business you’re going to make mistakes, it’s an inevitability. Not everything can be perfect all of the time and sometimes you’re going to encounter hiccups upon your journey to success. It’s okay for your business to make mistakes though, often mistakes are part of the learning and development process and whilst it can sometimes be difficult to recover from one, it is completely doable and here’s how. 

Admit your mistake

An obvious one but something that many people fail to do, is to admit your mistake. As soon as you’re aware that things are probably about to hit the fan, step in and take control of the situation. There’s nothing worse than a business that is slow to respond in a crisis and admitting the fault as soon as you can shows that you’re on top of it and looking to solve the problem.

Apologise to anyone affected 

If your blunder effects a third party, be it customers, your supplier or even other staff members, do the right thing and apologise right away. Make it a genuine apology and not something that could be deemed as self protective or false, not only does this show people that you are genuinely sorry about the mistake, it shows you are thinking of others affected rather than just protecting your companies back. 

Never make excuses

It’s easy to do but don’t try and make excuses, if something has gone wrong it’s better to just admit it was your fault and try to recover from it rather try and blame other factors. Nothing looks more cowardly and unprofessional than trying to blame others for something that you should be responsible for.  

Make it right

If you mess up in a way that will affect other people you have an obligation to make things right with them, whether it’s repairing damage, offering a refund or providing some form of compensation. It’s key that you try to regain a relationship with those affected, for your business to recover fully you need to have the trust and a relationship with others, if you don’t have those, you’ll never have a successful business.  

Learn from it

Realistically every business makes a mistake at some point or another, it’s doesn’t have to be a huge deal as long as you learn from it and try not to make the same mistake twice. Looking at what went wrong in the past is a great way to improve in the future and it can show your audience that you are a professional company, capable of recovering from any issue you might face. 

Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 18th March, 2016
Categories: Marketing

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