20th Jul 2018

How White Rose Modelworks Are Offering Their Customers A Bespoke Service

We live in a world where customer expectations are increasing and a wide variety of options and tailored experiences are all available at our fingertips, with personalisation now being offered as standard by a number of brands.

Both online and offline, we love personalisation, we love it when brands offer products that match our interests and even more importantly we love it when a company can offer us bespoke services that meet our individual needs.

How Are White Rose Modelworks Offering Bespoke Services?

Located in Yorkshire, White Rose Modelworks product model railway baseboards and layouts that are tailored to suit their customer’s space. They build a range of laser-cut and MDF baseboards that allow customers to create their own dream layout, for their own requirements.

White Rose Modelworks offer a baseboard configurator feature which allows their customers the opportunity to build the perfect baseboard for their own unique needs. Their bespoke baseboard configurator allows customers to choose the size of their baseboard, as well as whether they want the baseboard assembled, in order to provide customers with a product that works for them.

When it comes to baseboards and model railway layouts, one size doesn’t fit all. Each customer has their own space, be it in their house, their shed or even their garden, which is why a bespoke product works so well for the industry.

Offering Bespoke Services For Long-Term Rewards

Through offering bespoke services and products, White Rose Modelworks are giving their customers a bespoke, personalised experience, helping make their customers lives much easier and in return being rewarded with customer loyalty, repeat sales and a great reputation.


Article By
Sarah Seymour,
Published: 20th July, 2018
Categories: Marketing

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