23rd Jun 2020

How We’ve Helped Our Clients Survive COVID-19

There was a lot of uncertainty towards the end of March, with many businesses pausing all marketing due to COVID-19 and the lockdown.

It was an understandable choice for some businesses but with the right product some businesses were able to continue, and ultimately made the best decision with it definitely paying off.

We were able to work through the lockdown with clients and increase their website traffic, messages and leads. With one particular client, we helped their leads cost 74% less, we developed 570% more website enquiries and 2,105% more messages from March to April alone.

We worked on a strategy with them, looked at and researched the current trends and audiences and also got really creative with the graphics and content in their ads. They had a product that was in demand, but with the help of our strategy we were able to lead them to success over the last few months.

We put the process of our strategy into these simple steps to show you the process we followed. There are many other factors for different businesses but we just wanted to share how it worked for us with certain brands;

In demand products

Before we started with the new strategy for our clients, we looked at their products. Did they have the right products and were they in high demand during this time? If so, this would help with identifying audiences and we had a good idea that it would work well, instead of taking a long time to test different products etc.

Researched what was trending

Our strategy then focussed on what our clients’ competitors were doing as customers’ buying behaviours had changed and they were now looking for products from brands they wouldn’t normally go out and look for, as they wanted different options or particular products. Therefore, our clients needed to be ahead of their competition and know what their customers wanted.

We also looked into the best times to promote their products and looked at trends which really helped us know where our client was against their competitors.

We got creative with ads

We knew that it was a crucial time to stand out so we got really creative with the ads when we decided on graphics and content, in order to get our clients’ audiences to convert. We tested the message and certain images until we knew what worked. We tested humorous ads while still keeping them sensitive due to the situation, and changed ads accordingly as the lockdown developed so we always knew our clients’ ads remained up to date with the current situation.

We used video too, as video always converts better and this allowed us to get even more creative. It allowed us to get creative with the message we wanted to put across to our clients’ target audience too, especially as advertising platforms were now filled with COVID-19 information – we had to really grab the audience’s attention.


We continued using the audiences that worked before the lockdown, but it was important to test new ones too, as buying behaviour had changed among customers. We looked into who would be buying particular products right now, due to the situation.

We tested different demographics, locations and we really went into detail when it came to audience interests as certain clients could see from analytics that new people with a certain interest were now increasingly interacting with their social platforms etc. This had changed a lot, and we had to adapt to it by creating new ads to target these specific audiences.

Buying behaviour was changing so quickly over just a few weeks, we had to catch up and identify these new audiences so that our clients’ businesses did not miss out.

If you would like help with your marketing strategy or advice for your business during this time, feel free to get in touch with us.

Article By
Aimee Neachell,
Published: 23rd June, 2020
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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