12th Aug 2019

How We Helped Great Annual Savings Reach A 780% Return On Investment

We had worked with Great Annual Savings before, helping them with a previous website they also manage. So when they came to us for help with a Great Annual Savings Google Ads campaign, we were especially happy to help as we knew the team from previously working together. 

We were invited to the Great Annual Savings office to have a chat with their marketing team about Google Ads and how we could help them grow not only their presence through Google Ads but also their revenue. They said they were impressed with our knowledge in PPC and wanted to move forward with the next step. 

We worked together with them to discuss what they wanted to achieve, then we got on with the process of research, creating a strategy and setting up the account. Then the testing phase began and we used our strategy to make sure we would reach the right audience, use engaging content in the ads to put across the right message about the business and a good call to action. The right keywords were researched and then utilised across the campaigns. 

After a few months of testing and finding out what works, we were on the right track to achieve the best performance with their Google Ads. Overtime, we worked with Great Annual Savings by showing them reports, results and discussing what works and what doesn’t. They are a great company to work with as they are happy to give their own ideas and are happy for us to test our ideas also, so it makes working together so easy.

We updated them about new tools Google Ads rolled out and they were happy for us to test those out, as they trusted our expertise which helped to improve results.

Hard work has paid off with the strategy we have used as the current campaign they have running is currently at a 780% ROI. 

But don’t take our word for it, Jonny from Great Annual Savings was happy to create a short testimonial about us which you can watch below.

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Aimee Neachell,
Published: 12th August, 2019
Categories: Google Ads Marketing

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